Chicago Regional Group Meet Up — Overlooking Lake Michigan and Millennium Park, June 25, 2015

Chicago Meetup Location

Chicago Area Alumni were guests of Paul Korniczky, ME’82  on the 49th floor of Two Prudential Plaza.  The event was co-hosted by Paul Korniczky, ME’82, Zev Salomon, AR’01  and Michal Raz-Russo AR’01.  All enjoyed conversation and Chicago Deep Dish pizza.  The weather was foggy so the view of the lake was obscured.

Attendees included:  Jim Liubicich, ChE’83; Paul Korniczky, ME’82; Caitlin Everett A’05; Joe Maida, ME’85; Howard Hirsch, A’73; Zev Salomon AR’01; Michal Raz-Russo AR’01

Chicago Regional Group

Chicago Regional Group Members:  Caitlin Everett, Michal Raz-Russo, Paul Korniczky, Jim Liubicich and Zev Saloman

Chicago Group members

Chicago Group members:  Caitlin Everett, Michal Raz-Russo, Paul Korniczky, and Zev Saloman .  On the Table is Waterworks edited by Gina Pollara AR’91

Items discussed included the recent CUAA elections,  Interim President Bill Mea, Richard Lincer’s Communication that included assurances that he will engaging with students, faculty and alumni over the summer, and the Attorney General’s desire to potentially increase the number of Alumni Trustees.  The election discussion included discussion on the referendum questions with those present agreeing with the election results.  There was general agreement that the recent school news is positive.  The Chicago group is committed to supporting both The Cooper Union and the CUAA.

Jim Liubicich, ChE’83 is a CUAA Council Member.  ME’82, Zev Salomon, AR’01, Michal Raz-Russo, AR’01, and Paul Korniczky, ME’82, are The Chicago Regional Group’s leaders.