Mock Interview Night 2015

The Annual Mock Interview Night jointly hosted by the CU Center for Career Development and the Nerken School of Engineering was held on October 8th at 30 Cooper Square.  A total of about 40 alumni and students participated.  Opening talks were given by Dave Minder, Joli Woodson, Director, Engineering Career Development and Outreach; and Richard Stock, Acting Dean of the Engineering School.

 Joli-Woodsen Minder  Stock
Jolie Woodson Director of Engineering Career Development and Outreach

(212) 353-4377

David Minder Director of Engagement The Office of Alumni Affairs and Development

(212) 353-4164

Richard Stock Acting Dean Nerken School of Engineering

(212) 353-4317


Each participant participated in 4 thirty minute sessions that included a 20 minute interview followed by a 10 minute discussion of items that the interviewee could improve on. The engineering students were prepared with resumes and plenty of questions.  They were also grateful for alumni help and  and guidance.


mock interview night group 1

Mock Interview Night Group 2Mock Interview Night Richard Stock 2Dave Minder Speaking to students and alumni

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