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2016 Spring Election Candidates




At The February 25 Council Meeting, the Nominating Committee presented the following slate of candidates for the Spring 2016 Election.  The CUAA Council voted to approve the slate at this same meeting.

Alumni Trustee — 4 Year term beginning 12-01-16

Ling Wei Chang, EE’82
Mark A. Vasquez, ME’88
Stephen Gerard, ME’67
Margaret Matz AR’83
Rob Marano EE’93

President — 1 Year term beginning 7-01-16
Nils Folke Anderson, A’94

Sean B. Cusack, BSE’98
Karina Tipton, CE’99

Vice President of Events
Kelly Kelly Occhiuzzo Zack, A’90

Vice President of Faculty-Student Liaison
Mina Greenstein, A’56
Margaret Matz, AR’83

Alumni Council — 3 Year term beginning 7-01-16
M’Liz Keefe, A’85
Alexander Tochilovsky, A’00
Sascha Mombartz, A’09
Laura Spinner, A,89
Ariel Jackson, A’13
Scott Wilson, A’76
Sarah Bedford, A’92
Mina Greenstein, A’56
Sharon De La Cruz, A’08
Tommy Coleman, A’09
Rachel Appel, A’13
Tomashi Jackson, A’10
Margaret Matz, AR’83
Christina Aguirre-Ross, AR’81
Katie Correll, ME’12
Gary Kazin, ChE’69
Scott Lyne, CHE’92
Ling Wei Chang, EE’82
Hadar Cohen, EE’15
George De Feis, CE’82
Stephen Gerard, ME’67
Ed Palacio, EE’75
Lynn Lander, ChE’60
Monica Paciorek, CE’07
Paul Nikulin, CE’06
Mark A. Vasquez, ME’88

Nominating Committee — 1-Year term beginning 7-1-16
Barry Drogin EE’83
Darrell Low EE’89
Edward Abaid CE’76
James Liubicich CHE’83
M’Liz Keefe A’85
Mary Lynch CHE’82
Mike Essl A’96
Omar Olivera A’02
Rachel Appel A’13
Sean Cusack BSE’98
Susan Shaw A’72
Tommy Coleman A’09
Westley Rozen AR’05
Xenia Diente A’99
Yashodhan Risbud EE’92