2016 Meet The Candidates Night




The event took place in the Rose Auditorium.  Ciera Lowe ChE’14 was the moderator.  After the introductory remarks by Nils Anderson, the Alumni Trustee candidates took the stage.  The candidates present were,   Ling-Wei Chang EE’82, Margaret Matz AR’83, Mark A. Vasquez ME’88, Rob Marano EE’93 and Stephen Gerard ME’67.  Each candidate was given an opportunity to make an opening statement.  Then the moderator asked them each a question to which they responded.

IMG_20160411_194246852Next the Constitution Committee explained why the modifications to the CUAA constitution are needed at this time.  They are needed to bring the constitution up to date with the way the CUAA now operates, by making permanent the new committees that have formed since the previous modifications, to redefine alumni so as to include students who are in their final semester, and to add committees and language that are required for the CUAA to incorporate as a not for profit organization.  The speakers were Mary Lynch ChE’82, Doug Sharrott EE’83 , and Paul Nikulin CE’06.

Next the candidates for President & Secretary-Treasurer took the stage.  They are Nils Folke Anderson A’94 (Presidential candidate), Sean Cusack BSE’98 (Secretary-IMG_20160411_200815969Treasurer candidate), and Karina Tipton CE’99 (Secretary-Treasurer candidate).  They each made opening statements and then answered questions from the moderator. Then the candidates for Vice President of Student and Faculty took the stage and did the same.  They are Mina Greenstein A’56 and Margaret Matz AR’83.

Then the candidates for Alumni Council and for the Nominating Committee were introduced.  The presentations were  followed by a meet and greet period held outside the auditorium.  A wonderful buffet with food cooked by Frankie was provided.

For all the details check out the link to the event LiveStream Video!

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