Alumni Profile:  Peter Kimm CE’58

Peter Kimm graduated from The Cooper Union Night School of Engineering in 1958.  Peter M. Kimm became director of United States-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP) on January 12, 1998.  Before coming to US-AEP, he was the senior career official in the USAID Environment Center where he supervised the operations of offices responsible for natural resources, energy, and urban programs. He served as USAID’s director of urban programs as well as established a USAID Regional Urban Development Office in Korea.

Peter Kimm authored, Urbanization and Shelter: Policies and Strategies for Developing Countries, which was included in the book, The Urbanization Revolution that was published in 1998.

Peter Kimm was Awarded the Rank of Distinguished Executive by President Ronald Regan in 1981.  At the award ceremony, President Regan said:

“Better than focusing on new construction, Peter Kimm led an effort to upgrade current housing units and promote a self-help program for the units’ underprivileged occupants. And David Menotti has a remarkable record — mediated difficult conflicts between the EPA, industry, and environmental groups.”

Peter Kimm CE'58Peter Kimm received the CUAA Gano Dunn award in 1985 and the Cooper Union Presidential Citation in 1998.  He was inducted ito The Cooper Union Hall of Fame in 2009.



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