Peter Cooper needs you! It’s time again this year to volunteer yourself or nominate someone else to run for a position on the Alumni Association Council in the Spring 2017 election. We need you and your Cooper friends to be active and support the school; we need volunteers to help fund-raise for the school to aid in getting us Back to Free, run the Alumni Association, improve alumni engagement, and more.

The deadline is December 10, 2016 to nominate!

It’s easy, just email with the following information:

    • The name of the person being nominated (including yourself!)

    • The position (see options below)

  • Contact information for that person

  • Some additional information, if the position is President or Trustee:

This year we have some exciting opportunities for the upcoming officers of the CUAA:

  1. Opportunity to work with the new administration and President Laura Sparks

  2. Alumni Trustee and President get to work on the Board of Trustees while the FEC (Free Education Committee) is still running and making the long term plan for the school

  3. CUAA transition to 501(c)(3) non-profit currently in progress

  4. Working with the administration and the Board of Trustees to establish a new Memorandum of Agreement

Positions available are:

  • President (2 year term)

  • Alumni Trustee (4 year term)

  • Secretary (1 year term)*

  • Treasurer (1 year term)*
    * These are now separate positions, there is no longer a combined Secretary and Treasurer position

  • Vice President/Alumni Activities (1 year term)

  • Vice President/Faculty and Student Liaison (1 year term)

  • Alumni Council (3 year term)

We need more volunteering, engagement, and donation-driving than ever! Volunteer or nominate today! Once again, the deadline is December 10, 2016, so email now!


Sean Cusack BSE’98, Nominating Committee Chair