Dear alumni,

The Alumni Initiatives Committee (AIC) is ready to get the ball rolling and needs your input and support.

The goal of CIS is to identify projects that can help Cooper Union and engage alumni to bring those to fruition. We hope this will serve as an opportunity for involvement and a chance for everyone of us to make meaningful contributions to Cooper Union. Please email me about the following   at

1 – We are presently considering two projects and need a broad range of suggestions for others.

2 – We need a few volunteers to help to serve on the committee.

There is a tremendous amount of skill and experience among us, lets put some of it to good use for CU. I hope this will not only serve as a unique opportunity to make a difference for Cooper Union today, but will hopefully set a recurring theme for alumni participation in the years to come.

I look forward to your feedback and Thank You.


Paul Nikulin, CE’86

Chair of Alumni Initiatives Committee and CUAA Council Member