2017 March for Science

Students and Alumni participated in the numerous Marches for Science held on Earth Day, April 22, 2017.  Some Cooper Students and alumni gathered at 41 Cooper Square at 9 AM to make placards and pickup lab coats, which they wore during the march. They went as a group to the march gathering area on Central Park West.

The New York City March  began on Central Park West at 71th Street and continued down Central Park West and Broadway all the way to Union Square, although the march end point was originally planned as 52 and Broadway.  The large group of marchers received a friendly reception from both the public and the police.  There was a large crowd of well wishers along the sidewalks bordering the original route.

Jessica Friscia, Michael DeGaspari, Tosin Jolaoso, Ariana Freitag, Josephine Chen, Sambit Acharya, Dennis Burgner, Michael Pasternak

The Students and alumni that took part in the NYC march include: Jessica Friscia, CE’11; Michael DeGaspari, CE’11; Tosin Jolaoso, ChE’11; Ariana Freitag, EE’20; Josephine Chen, ChE’16, Sambit Acharya, CE’15; Dennis Burgner, ChE’18; Michael Pasternak, ME’17; Xenia Diente, A’99; Mary Lynch, ChE’82; Margaret Matz, AR’83; Ken Schles A’82; Rebecca Uss, AR’90

Mary Lynch ChE’82 with her mother at the New York March for Science


photo by Ken Schles A’82

photo by Ken Schles


The New Jersey March for Science was held in the state capitol of Trenton.  The march began outside the War Memorial on Memorial Drive and proceeded to the state capitol.

Carol Wolf A’84 at Trenton March for Science


The  alumni that took part in the Trenton march include: Carol Wolf A’84







The Chicago March for Science followed a route down Columbus Drive from Jackson Drive to the Field Museum of natural History. Amber March A’05 and her dinosaur puppets were at the front of the march.  The alumni that took part in the Chicago march include: Amber March, A’05 who is the creator of the dinosaur puppets that led the march.  Amber Marsh worked closely with the Field Museum of Natural History.

Dinosaur puppet created by Amber March A’05

Dinosaur Puppets created by Amber March A’05 on steps of the Field Museum of Natural History

Amber March A’05 operating the back end of the dinosaur puppet that she designed.