Dear Cooper Union community,

As of January 1st, 2018, I am no longer with The Cooper Union. Yet I will always cherish the opportunity I had to work with so many of you in the alumni community.

When I began my role as Director of Engagement in 2015, the Save Cooper Union lawsuit was ongoing, and the relationship between the CUAA and Cooper was frayed. At that time, I had the privilege of beginning to repair that relationship by working with the newly elected CUAA President, Nils Folke Anderson.

Our work coalesced around the idea that the Cooper community is stronger together. We worked to find new partnerships in events, communications, volunteering, and fundraising. This work was focused on building a stronger alumni body, supporting students, and one day restoring full tuition scholarships for all.

During my tenure at Cooper, I have been moved by the dedication the alumni have for this institution, Peter Cooper’s vision, and, of course, its students. Whether it was through donating time through the CUAA, attending Cooper events, mentoring students, making phonathon calls, or donating, the alumni I worked with truly followed the philanthropic spirit of Peter Cooper by giving back to the institution he founded.

As I make the next step in my career, I am optimistic for the future of The Cooper Union, not only because of the leadership of President Laura Sparks and CUAA President Paul Nikulin, but because I have seen Cooper graduates rally around this institution. I am certain they will continue to do so.

Please stay in involved with the CUAA and the Office of Alumni Affairs & Development and continue making a difference in the lives of Cooper students however you can. I didn’t have an opportunity to say goodbye to many of you, so please feel free to email me ( or contact me through LinkedIn (David Minder).



David Minder