Daisy Brown, Eng 1904, was a science teacher.  She was born on May 11, 1877.  She was possibly the first female to graduate from The Cooper Union Engineering School.  She graduated from the Night School of Science in 1904.  She was living and teaching in Patterson, NJ at that time.  Following her graduation, she continued to teach school in Patterson.  (The engineering professions were closed to women at that time.)

While at Cooper, she was elected secretary for her class on February 10, 1904.  She was a contributor to The Cooper Union Student Magazine.  An essay of hers, titled “Persistent Purpose” was published in the March 1904 edition.  An essay titled, “The Influence of Friendship” was published in the February 1904 edition.

Daisy Brown taught in Paterson, NJ at Public School #7 on west 27th Street for many years.  She served as secretary of the Paterson, New Jersey chapter of the National Education Association in 1921.

She passed away in 1972 at age 95.



The Cooper Union Library Archives contain the following documents:

  1. Copies of The Cooper Union, a Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Interests of the Students and Graduates of The Cooper Union Day and Night Schools, 1907.
  2.  The History of Black Alumni, by Jeanne Moutoussany Ashe, 1984.
  3. AtCooper, December 1972


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