Fellow CUAA Council Members:

The end of fiscal year is approaching and we are pleased to report that we are more than halfway towards the FEC goal for current use fundraising for this fiscal year. We write to ask all Council Members to participate in peer-to-peer outreach.

Your outreach to fellow alumni is an important contribution in itself, and we thank you for your time in advance.  We have included an email template for you to use below. Feel free to personalize it.

If you already made a donation this year, thank you for your generosity. To donate please click here.

Standish Lee & Carol Wolf
Annual Fund 

Email Template

Dear [alumnus/alumna name]:

The end of fiscal year is approaching.  As you may be aware, the Cooper Union Administration has been working hand in hand with the Alumni Association towards a return to a tuition-free Cooper Union. We are
confident that we can achieve this goal together, but we need your help.
Donations of any size to the Annual Fund count towards this effort.

If you already made a donation this fiscal year, thank you for your
generosity. To donate please click here.


[Your name]

Additional comments to include in your email message
Council Members can add any or all of the below to the template, as they
see appropriate:

  • Cooper Union approved a Plan to Return to Free and the Board, Administration, and CUAA all issued strong statements
    committing towards this goal. The independent financial monitor overseeing Cooper Union has issued annual reports indicating confidence in the path charted by the School and its Board, deeming the plan ambitious yet responsible.
  • Last fiscal year, more than 22% of alumni gave to the
    School, which shows a renewed trust in Cooper Union by its alumni.
    Cooper Union and CUAA had an event for alumni almost
    every single week during the semester.
    CUAA has nominated Alumni Trustees to the Board,
    ensuring that alumni have a say in who is elected to oversee Cooper
  • Cooper Union, the Board, and CUAA have established a
    pattern of transparency highlighted by informal networking events
    before every Board Meeting, a practice going on two years.