The 2018/2019 Cooper Motorsports team participated in the FSAE competition, held annually in Brooklyn, MI May 8 to May 11, 2019. They were able to tie for the 8th best designed car among 120 cars from around the world. This is a record high finish for The Cooper Union.

Cooper Motorsports Car and Team at FSAE competition on 5/08/2019

Leading up to the to the competition, the team held a Roll-Out ceremony to show supporters the car. This event was held  in Room LL101 at 41 Cooper Square Rose Auditorium.  Numerous alumni from prior Cooper Motorsports team attended and memorabilia form each of the prior teams was on display.  Team introductions and car reveal video   Ceremony video link.  Following the competition, held a reception in conjunction with the End-of-Year show on May 20, 2019.  The team gave alumni a tour of the auto shop during this event.

The car sports the #118 and has several innovations.  Each year an entirely new car is built that captures lessons learned from past years plus incorporates new ideas.  This year’s car sports a new streamlined body design and many other innovations.  The innovations were showcased on posters displayed during the Roll-out ceremony.

2019 Roll-out Ceremony