Announcement from Elizabeth Waters, Director of Cooper’s STEM Outreach

S.T.E.M. Outreach and Exhibition on Nov, 21, 2019

Join STEM Outreach on Nov. 21st from 5 – 8 pm to celebrate more than 25 years of high school engineering programs at Cooper Union. You are invited to explore The Community of Microbes exhibit- a dynamic, pop-up augmented-reality exhibit. Artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, in partnership with microbiologist Anne Madden, creates a series of eight environments through sculpture and technology that illuminates the secrets behind the success of microorganisms in order to bring their complex, unseen world to new audiences.

Visitors will discover communities both familiar and mysterious—for instance beer, which is made with a common microbe (yeast) and the bobtail squid which glows blue due to the presence of the Vibrio bacterium. Everyday environments like the New York City subway are contrasted with overlooked locations like plant roots or the darkest places in the human gut. At the same time the microbe communities presented through this work reflect the beauty of life at one of the smallest levels known, and visitors will learn how the players in these microbe communities interact with each other, and how these ecosystems create positive benefits for people. We will continue the celebration of microorganisms with tastings of a few examples of their most famous work.

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