William Deasy CE’58

William Deasy graduated in Civil Engineering – Class of 1958 and then attended the University of Washington, School of Law graduating in 1964 with a LLB Degree. He passed the State of Washington Bar Examinations and utilized the combined degrees by going to work for Morrison Knudsen Corporation, a large international engineering and construction company.

The succeeding twenty years included management responsibilities as operating vice president of company divisions engaged in engineering, construction, mining, rail car manufacturing and and shipbuilding. He was elected President and Chief Operating Officer in 1984 and as the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors in 1985.

During this period he served as a corporate Director of West One Bancorp, a regional bank holding Company, St Luke’s Regional Medical Center, Flatiron Construction Company, Green International Construction and on advisory Boards to the University of Idaho, College of Mines, Boise State University, School of Business and the Export Import Bank of the U.S.

In 1992, after several years on their Board of Directors, he accepted the position as President and CEO of T.L. James, a large privately held construction and marine dredging company with timber holdings in central Louisiana. Subsequently adding the position of Chairman, he served until retirement in 2003.


In 1985, The Cooper Union Alumni Association Awarded him the Gano Dunn Award for excellence in science and engineering. He was inducted into The Cooper Union Hall of Fame in 2009.

In 1987 he was recognized by the Heavy Construction Division of the UJA Federation of New York.

From At Cooper 1986


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