Dr. Sydney F. Borg graduated from The Cooper Union with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1937. He later received a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in 1940 & then a doctorate in Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He also received a masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1958.

He began his engineering career as an Enginer with the City of N.Y., U.S. War Dept. He also worked with Turner Construction Co., and Gen. Motors Co., He worked with Grumman Aircraft Corp. from 1951-52. HE was an Asst. Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Maryland from 1943-45, and an Asst. and Assoc. Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the U.S. Naval Postgrad. School from 1945-51. He taught at Stevens Institute of Technology from 1952 until 1987.

Dr. Borg was Professor Emeritus and retired head of the Department of Civil Engineering of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, where he taught for 35 years. He was the author of 7 books and many technical papers on structural engineering & earthquakes. One of his technical reports is A structural analysis procedure for suspension bridges subjected to earthquake loads, Published by Stevens Institute of Technology (January 1, 1991).

He served as a Director of Kreisler Borg Florman General Construction Company, Scarsdale, New York.

Dr. Borg authored 7 textbooks and more than 100 research papers.


Dr. Borg is a Recipient Distinguished Alumnus Award from Poly. Inst. Bklyn., 1957 and Best Teacher Award from Sigma Chi Epsilon, 1981, 83. He received a Presidential Citation from The Cooper Union in 1972.

Books (partial list)


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