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Group Leaders

Phoenix: Janet Reed (AR’80) and Tucson: Ron Carsten (EE’69)

Featured Alumni

Click here to learn about Leslie Berlot, ME ’54

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events are planned at this time.

Past Events

Alumni Lunch in Phoenix – March 4, 2012

L-R: Corinna Fritsch (AR ’86), Janet Hochuli Reed (AR’80), Robert Tieni (AR ’80), Michael Cullum (AR’88)

Musical Instrument Museum September 10, 2011

In September, 15 people, including alumni and their families, enjoyed an afternoon at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix

Alumni Lunch in Tuscon, AZ January 9, 2011

As the first reunion in Tucson and the second in the state, 15 alumni and guests enjoyed meeting each other at this event. They enjoyed a lunch in a private room at a Mexican restaurant. The alumni in attendance were (left to right) Barry Winkler, Ted Moeller, Lee La Frese, Dale Clark, Joel Fisher, Les Berlot, Ron Carsten, and Janet Hochuli Reed. View more images. Video

Alumni Luncheon in Phoenix, AZ – November 14, 2010

36 alumni and guests attended this alumni lunch. It was the first of such an event in Arizona so most alumni enjoyed meeting each other for the first time. The highlight was when one by one the alumni shared with the group their memories of attending Cooper Union and what they have been doing since then.

Left to right standing; Janet Hochuli Reed, Robert Tieni, Michael Cullum, Tom Bertram, Vicky Chen-Yang, Matt Platt, Craig Garretson, Norma R Goodbridge Furman, Rudy Talts, Jed Hilzinger, Ken Black, Ken Milller, Les Minsuk, Fred Bloch, Murray Sharkey, Harvey Sherman, Elliot Silverston. Left to right sitting: Arthur Aymar, Jacqueline Kachman, Corinna Fritsch, Philip Epstein, Jaqueline Isaacs Withington.

Jacqueline Kachman (A’88) made the wonderful CU logo cake.

Planning Committee (L-R): Jacqueline Kachman (A ’88), Ken Miller (AR’03), Janet Reed (AR ’80), Robert Tieni (AR’80), Vicky Chen-Yang (EE’94)

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