The Election Slate was approved at the CUAA Council meeting on 2/18/21. The 2021 Election will be conducted from 3/15/21 through 4/30/21.

Alumni Trustee
Anthony Ianno EE’85Lou Manzione ChE’75
Robert Tan AR’81Mark A. Vasquez ME’88
VP Alumni Activities
Kelly Occhiuzzo Zack A’90
VP Student/Faculty Liaison
Brian Rose A’79Claudia Giordano A’76
Anna Brook BSE’04
Bernie Codd ChE’83Ron Vogel ChE’01

2021-2024 Council
Frank Cantelmi ME’93Harry Donas, ChE ’83Shannon Pultz A’93
Mariam Cantelmi AR’95Danel Galperin ChE’18James Haywood Rolling Jr. A’88
Bernie Codd ChE’83Donato Giacalone AR’83Brian Rose A’79
Edwin DeLeon ChE’14Frank Godlewski AR’82Patricia Reddington ME’91
Jean-Ulrick Désert AR’85Scott Lyne ChE’92Doug Sharrot BSE ’83
Miriam Vidal Meulmeester CE’93 Rachel Whitlow A’94
2022 Nominating Committee
Barry Drogin EE’83Daniel Galperin ChE’18
Yvette Francis A’93Claudia Giordano A’76
Patrick Girvin AR’88Michelle Lederer AR’92
Standish Lee AR’11James Liubicich ChE’83
Mary Lynch ChE’82Scott Lyne ChE’92
Sanjeev Menon Eng’20Ira Pierce CE61
Patricia Reddington ME’91Anthony Paul Simonetti ME’15
Laura Spinner A’89