Awards Committee 2021

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to everyone who participated with the awards committees and to the Office of Alumni Affairs. The Awards Ceremony, held on February 10, 2021, was the grand finale in a 10 day series of events for the Cooper Together Block Party. This year’s Alumni Award recipients were:

Stephen P. Welby CHE ‘87- Gano Dunn Award

Ashley Bryan A’46- Augustus Saint-Gaudens Award

Peggy Deamer AR’77- John Q. Hejduk Award

Jennifer Fenton Weishaupt CHE’95 – Peter Cooper Public Service Award

Susan Shaw A’72- Alumnus of the Year Award

Anna Brook BSE ‘04 -Young Alumnus of the Year Award.

The ceremony was revised this year to be held in a virtual format due to the pandemic which presented unique challenges. The digital format doesn’t quite capture the grandeur of the room, the lighting, the atmosphere and the stories told live by the award recipients. While this is a slight lament we look forward to a time when we can celebrate alumni achievements in person when it is safe to do so.

To bridge the gap of not meeting in person and in lieu of a reception, the ceremony was followed by a live Q & A on Zoom with Stephen Welby, Ashley Bryan, Peggy Deamer and Jennifer Fenton Weishaupt. Questions to the award recipients were submitted by the award committees and during the live chat. In addition, registration for the event was structured to allow attendees to submit questions to the award recipients when they registered for the event.

This year there were 166 registrants for the ceremony and 95 joined for the Q & A which ran for approximately 50 minutes. The ceremony was viewed on YouTube and required viewers to switch platforms to Zoom to watch the Q & A. As of Feb. 16, 2021, there have been 325 views of the ceremony.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to nominate an alumnus for an award. The nomination form is open all year round. The start date for deliberations varies slightly from year to year but usually begins the end of October to the beginning of November. Any nominations that are received after deliberations begin are held for the following year. Click on the link to access the nomination form which is found on the CUAA website. Nomination Form

Stay safe and hopefully we will all see each other in person soon.

Laura Spinner A’ Chair,

2020 Awards Committee


Gano Dunn

Mark A. Vasquez: Chair

Dennis Kong: Vice Chair

Karla Alvarez

Athena DeNivo

Brendan Fernes

Darrell Low

Mary K. Lynch

Scott Lyne

Rob Marano

Kay Nordstrom

Ed Palacio

Patricia Reddington

Ron Vogel

John Q. Hejduk

Lily Zand: Chair

Mariam Cantelmi

James Cornell

Domi Enders

Martin Finio

Steven Hillyer

Joan Ockman

Elizabeth O’Donnell

Anik Pearson

Clara Pugsley

Michael Samuelian

Anthony Titus

Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Henry Chapman: Chair

Bill Wolf: Co-Chair
Claire Kleinman

Genevieve Martin

Katie Merz

Sascha Mombartz

Jason Paul Guzman
Tajh Rust

Laura Spinner

Sam Vernon

Carol Wolf 
Maria Yoon

Peter Cooper Public Service

Dr. James Haywood Rolling Jr.: Chair

Nanwei Chen

Athena DeNivo

Claudia Giordano

Patrick G. Girvin

M’Liz Keefe

Larry Levine

Mary K. Lynch

Scott D. Lyne

Devora Najjar

Mauren Termecz