CUAA Special Election 2015 for Alumni Trustees

Lynn Lander

AT15 Lynn Lander

Chemical Engineering, 1960
Harrington Park, NJ

Current Position:
Retired (i.e., I can devote the time to be fully immersed in Board matters)

Relevant Skills:
Project & Risk Management; led cost saving teams; trainer and coach in team effectiveness within Research and for Global Business Teams; trained executives in performance management and appraisal; trained and facilitated teams in creativity and innovation.

Professional Qualifications:

BChE-Cooper Union; MS ChE-Johns Hopkins U; MS Mathematics-NYU

Unilever (1962-2003) – Director and member of Laboratory Management Committee

Unilever Corporate Representative to the Industrial Research Institute, member of Research-on-Research Committee

Columbia University (2006-2011) – Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

Lander & Associates (2003-2014)-President – Consultants in Project & Risk Management and Team Effectiveness

President, Association of Research Directors

Cooper Union Board of Trustees Communications Committee (non-Board Member)

Personal Statement:

My Goals:

  • To return Cooper Union to a sustainable financial condition that will restore free tuition for undergraduates, while maintaining the very highest academic standards.
  • The Schools of Art, Architecture and Engineering are all essential parts of the spirit of The Cooper Union and must be maintained. I will not consider suggestions that we save money by closing any of them.
  • To have our school known for projects and activities that have social value.
  • To have our faculty recognized for their excellence throughout the academic world.

Short term goals:

  • Develop a Mission Statement that includes free tuition for undergraduates.
  • Hire a President who fully supports that Mission.
  • Develop a financial plan (including a risk assessment) that will be sustainable over the long term (i.e., no “quick fix” that will fail in a few years).
  • Restore a sense of shared community and trust across all segments of the Cooper family – faculty, students, alumni, administration and Board of Trustees

Additional Information:

  • I am passionate about getting back to free tuition quickly, but without unwise risks that got us into the current financial troubles. I will personally dig into our financial data to understand the details.
  • My experiences in the corporate, academic and government worlds have given me the skills to work effectively with all parties to restore a cooperative community to The Cooper Union.
  • I have a track record of developing out-of-the-box solutions to seemingly intractable problems and implementing those solutions effectively,
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