Victoria Sobel A ’13


Victoria Sobel is a 23-year-old artist and activist originally from Maryland, currently based in New York City. A graduate of the School of Art, class of 2013, Victoria has focused most of her energies on student advocacy and student and educators rights campaigns. She is passionate about furthering the ideals of access in education, conceiving new alternative educational models, teaching the intersectionality of struggles, and promoting open source and new media alternatives for activists and frontline communities. Her work consists largely of happenings, actions, interventions and publications. Victoria continues to work in constellation with the Cooper community via the Free Cooper Union campaign; she is also a member of the Global Revolution Media collective, known best for providing real-time media surrounding global uprisings.

In 2013, Victoria Sobel was elected and served as the Alumni Association’s Art Representative on The Working Group to propose alternative strategies to establish financial sustainability while retaining Cooper Union’s unique heritage of academic excellence, merit-based admissions, and full-tuition scholarships for all admitted undergraduate students.