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The following alumni passed away in 2017

Jerome Ablon ChE’60 Thema Lubell A’44
Judith Abrams A’31

Dominick Macchia ME’59 

Dore Ashton professor Irving Machlin ChE’40
Elliot Axelband EE’58  Alfred Martenson ME’55
Robert W. Bassemir ChE’49
 Harold Baskin A’65 Helen Mayrbaurl A’55
  Franklin K Bayer ChE’66 Jerry Meldon ChE’68
Lore Behrendt A’57 Eleanore Mikus  (taught in CU Art School)
Vivian Berman A’49  Vincent Moore ME’36
Albert J. Biloski  James Mozzillo EE’70 
 Leo J Brancato Me’50  Herbert George Muhlbauer ChE’48
Judy Brady (Attended Art School in the 1950s) Frederick H. Nowak EE’62
 Jay Brandinger EE’51 Ernst Nussbaum CE’50
Dr. James D. Boulgarides CE’53   Gladys D. Osterman A’46
 Adrienne Campbell A’51  Emidio Peluso ME’43
Joseph Candullo AR’59
Francis S. Cannizzo  (attended CU in the 1940s) Arnold Perlmutter (physics professor)
 Charles Cassella EE’68 Sidney Reiter AR’55  
 Ivan Chermayeff  professor  Sandra Priest Rose (benefactor)
Martin Collins ChE’57 John Ross A’48
Arthur Corwin A’54   Gregory D Sacatos A’69
Freeman Godfrey Craw A’39   Fredrick J. Samperi A’61
Hrant Dalalian, professor  Evelyn Sampietro A’43
Fred Danzig A’42 Sadeth Johanna Schley AR’44
Joseph Dechiara, professor  Judith Seigal A’54
Bernardine DiYulio A’48    George Silbermann EE’50
 Christopher J. Engstrom A’93 Edward Sisson (attended Art school in the 1950s)
 George Fischer ME’54   Joseph Harold Solomon (attended CU Eng for 2 years) 
Marilyn Wolf Fischer A’48 George Silbermann EE’50
Fred Joseph Flaschentrager ChE’53  Theodora Sparrow  
Virginia Floyd    Julian Spector EE’49
 Norman Friedman Albert Steinberg 
Fred Garbers A’58    Robert Sweetgall ChE’69
Gerry Gersten A’50   Betty Sylvester  
Howard T. Glasser (professor of calligraphy at Cooper Union)  Louis A. Tirelli EE’62
Doron Glazer EE ’83   Robert Malcohm Tracey EE’66 
Barbara Pass Glazier A’73  Anthony Trujillo ChE’50
Patrick Glover A’87 Marjorie Susan Venit A’61 
Dr. Robert H. Goepfert EE’57  Frank Vierling (left to join army during WWII)
Eugene Golub CE’62   Raymond Wells AR’49
  Jack Goodman ME’51
Elsie Halvorsen A’52
Judith Hand A’66
Bruce Philip Helmes
Sanford Hoffman A’67
Richard Allen Hubsch A’49  
Frank S. Irlinger ME’67  
 Adrian Jovanovic BSE’89
Dorothy Kaufmann A’44
Henry Kolnsberg ME’63
Helen Lagreco A’35
Joseph Lawrance AR 2010
Frank Leccese ME’55
Abraham Levine CE’50
 Mitchell J. Levy ChE’70  
 Victor Levi EE’53
Diane Lewis AR’76
Vincent Longo A’46
Harriet Lowe A’51