2017 End of Year Show

The end of year show ran from 5/22/2017 to  6/10/2017  and was titled Work Space Show Case.  Work was exhibited from students enrolled in all 3 programs and every class year, including graduate programs.  Each of the three schools had a reception where parents and alumni had the opportunities to interact with the students.  The Reception for the Engineering school took place on 5/25/2017.

There is a excellent on-line gallery of works from the show on The Cooper Union website    Link to On-line Gallery 

and on The Cooper Union FaceBook page.  Link to FB posting


Engineering    photos taken by Gary Kazin ChE’69  and Mary Lynch ChE’82

Exhibits in the Engineering School were in 2 rooms plus the lobby of 41 Cooper Square.

In the lobby, the students exhibited the following:

Methodology for Reducing Building Energy Usage


Cooper Motorsports

Vishesh Padnani, Grace Li, Liushifeng Chen, Dave Chun, Mickey Huang, Andy Qiu, Mubtasim Anjum, Laarnie delos Reyes, John Nguyen, and Timil Patel were on hand to answer questions about the FSAE car.



Flow Visualization: Highlights.  [Physics]

The physics class, PH348, used high speed photography to capture images of natural movement like the spatter of a drop of liquid creates, and the motion of particles in a wave.  Multiple intriguing videos were on display.  The class projects were explained by Max Summers CE’17.

Steel Bridge

For the 2nd year in a row, The Cooper Union Bridge building team has won the regional ACI’s event and they left for the Championship competition  on May 28, 2017.   Dan Smith CE’20 explained that one of the new elements employed this year was tee-slot connections.  It took 4 students just 6 minutes and 56 Seconds to erect the bridge during the recent competition.  The student builders are Andrew Pena CE’17, Brian Fang CE’19, Jay Shackelford CE’20, James Zhang CE’20, and Candice Liu ChE20 (alternate).  The poster was made by Andrew Pena, CE’18 and Miles Barber, CE’18.

In room 101, the students exhibited the following:

A Laboratory Investigation Of The Membrane Behavior Of Thing Concrete Plates Reinforced With Welded Wire Fabric Subjected To Dynamic in Building Building Facade Applications [CE]

This project was discussed by Piotr Michalik.

Anima [EE]


Automatic Detection Of Solar Panels In Satellite Imagery [EE]

This project was the work of Cory Nezin and Brenda So.

Chem-E Car: Lemon Aid [ChE]

  The Chem-E-Car won 2nd place in the AICHE Regional Competition held in March.  The car is powered by the reaction of citric acid with chalk.  The reaction generates CO2 which is used to power a pneumatic motor.  The team is composed of David Chun ChE’19, Laarnie Deios Reyes ChE’20, and Mubtasim Angum ChE’2o.






Coffee Can Radar [EE]

This project was explained by Cory Nezin EE’18.  It is the work of Brenda So EE ’18, Cory Nezin EE ’18, Tom Koch EE ’18, and Camilo Gaitan EE ’18






Haptics In Robotics [ME]

This project is the work of Yeend Song, Johnny Chen and Calvin Liu.

  1. Haptics is the field where tactile sensation is added to computer controlled devices to enable users to receive feedback in the form of felt sensations.  Major applications are surgical instruments, training simulators, and gaming.




Low-Cost Prosthesis [Interdisciplinary Design]

Inexpensive prostheses are need in wore torn Uganda.  Sally Na ChE20 and Sanjeeve  Menon CE20 explained the problem and their prototypes prostheses which will be field tested in Uganda.



Low-Cost Yeast Micro Manipulator [ME]

Tony Zhao ME’17 explained a splicer that has a gear ratio of 50:1 allowing it to cut individual cells of yeast.  Reina Kim ME’17, Jessie Wu ME’17, and Tony Zhao ME’17 worked on this project.




Mapping Values To Projections In The Spatial Domain Via The Application Of Latent Dirichlet Allocation To Text Data From The Time Domain [EE/Art]

This project was done by students of  Anita Raja in the Distributed Intelligent Agents Lab.

Mobile Market Stand [ME]

Austin Wong ME’17 and Tom Chan ME’17 with the Mobile Market stand that they created for a high school for children with special needs.  That school has a garden and the students sell produce.  This stand is light weight and collapses down so that it can be towed behind a bicycle.






Reverb Parameter Estimation

This project was done by the students of Neveen Shlayan in the Electrical Engineering Department.

Nest+M Auditorium Acoustics Analysis & Treatment [ME]



Yueyue “Keira” Li ME ’18, Raymond Lee ME ’18, and Yigal Kamel ME ’20 responded to a request from the PTA at NEST school to help solve the acoustics problems in the school’s auditorium.






Super Smash Bros. Melee Al – Making It More Human [EE]

This project is an AI project belonging to Yash Sharma and Eli Friedman

Text-To-Braille & Text-To-Audio Translator [ME]


The translator was designed and built by Sun Kwon ME’17, and Soyoung Moon ME’17.

 In room 104, Students exhibited

1 Ghz Pll [EE]

Enigma Machine was created by Bezalel Pittinsky and Daniel Zurbig

Joseph Colonel was on hand to explain this projects: Adversarial Autoencoder For Font Generation [EE]

Analog Scope TV [EE] and Autoencoder Sound Effects [EE]

This was the work of Matthew Cavallaro EE’18, Kevin Sheng EE’18, and Yash Sharma EE’18

Computer Detection Of Serrated Adenomas In Colon Biopsies [EE]

This artificial intelligence project is the work of Marc Kurtz.







Evaluation Of The Stability Of Kimberly-Clark And Procter & Gamble Using A Modified Safe Model [ChE]

This project was done by Monica Abdallah ChE’17 and Kristiana Kavo ChE’17.







Incorporating Physical Computational Methods In Solving Financial Engineering Models [Physics]

Tanay Trivedi and Padraic McAtee explained this project.

Living With The Land [EE]





Optimal Path For Overnight Rebalancing Of A Model Citibike Station Cluster [ChE]

This project was part of the Complex Optimization class, an elective course open to any senior student in the engineering school, and is the work of Monica Abdalla ChE’17 and Kristiana Kavo ChE’17






Original Font Generation using Conditional Wasserstein Gas with Gradient Penalty

by: Tom Koch EE’18, Sahill Patel, EE’19

Sumo Robots [ME]

Hou Cheng Chan ME’18 and Pranav Joneja ME’18 explained that 16 students worked in small groups to build 5 robots that can autonomously push each other around in an attempt to push them out of a square wrestling area.  Robots have vision sensors and a small amount of intelligence.  The students design them to be agile and difficult to tip, so that they don’t get knocked out of the square.


Sustainablility of Transcanada Corp.

This was analysis was done by Aaron Chong and Hua (Joe) Fung.













Sustainable Cities [EID]

Sustainable City ideas for Mexico City was a project for the Freshmen EID course.  Kathryn Copelan ChE’20 and Izabela Balick ChE’20 explained their plans for Mexico City.

Other students who worked on sustainable city projects were  Ariana Freitag, Bela Balicka, Sophie Schneider, Tom Chan, Aman Vijay, Jaeryung Song, and Anton Luz