Evelyn Jetter EE’50

Evelyn Speter Jetter received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the Cooper Union in 1950 and a master’s in physics from Rutgers University.  She was a founding member of the Society of Women Engineers.  She married Allan H. Jetter EE’50 who was a classmate at Cooper Union.

Evelyn Jetter, worked as an engineer at RCA where she invented the automotive ignition transistor.  She was the primary developer of a group of epitaxial base power transistors used in electronic equipment.  Allan Jetter served in the Army Signal Corps in World War II and owned and operated an electrical engineering firm, Industrial C&D, Inc. following graduation from Cooper.

In 1977, Evelyn Jetter received an achievement award from the David Sarnoff Research Center for her contributions to the development of a computer system for controlling semiconductor manufacturing.  She received the CUAA Gano Dunn Award in 1981 and was inducted into The Cooper Union Hall of Fame in 2009.  She passed away in 1979 at the age of 52.

1954 SWE Convention Banquet Table –Evelyn Jetter is in the front on the right.



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