The Cooper Union Alumni Hall of Fame

The Cooper Union Alumni Hall of Fame was dedicated on the 150th anniversary of The Cooper Union (in 2009) to recognize the achievements of outstanding alumni in the fields of art, architecture and engineering.

The Alumni Hall of Fame includes all alumni who have received the Augustus Saint-Gaudens, John Q. Hejduk, and Gano Dunn awards; the Peter Cooper Public Service Award; the President’s Citation; and alumni who have been recognized as Urban Visionaries. Additionally, the deans of each school selected distinguished alumni who were deceased before the awards were created.

John Hejduk

John Hejduk

Gano Dunn

Gano Dunn

Augustus Saint-Gaudens John Q. Hejduk Gano Dunn
Peter Cooper Public Service President’s Citation Urban Visionary


 Alphabetical listing of all members

 Ann Agee A’81
Thomas Aidala AR’55 Aidala-Thomas-1
 John Alcorn A’55  Alcorn, John - Portrait 1970 - From Stephen Alcorn - 090806
 Stan Allen AR’81  stan allen
 Jacob Alspector AR’72  Alspector-Jacob-1
 Harold Altman A’47  
Samuel Anderson AR’82
 Arnold Arlow A’54  Arlow-Arnold-1
 Saul Aronow EE’39  Aronaw-Saul-1
 Philip Auerbach ME’51  Auerbach-Philip-1
 Henry Ogden Avery A 1869  Henry Ogden Avery
 Edwin Aviles AR’69  Aviles-Edwin-1
 Donald Baechler A’77  Baechler-Donald-1
Firelei Baez A’04  
 Shigeru Ban AR’84  
Jason Banfelder ChE’93 & MChE’96  
 George Barletta CE’59  Barletta-George-1
 Edward Barlow EE’42  edward barlow
 Karen Bausman AR’82  Bausman-Karen-1
 Max Becher A’86 Photographers Max Becher and Andrea Robbins are a local couple who have put themselves on the national art radar for their photographs of juxtaposed scenes such as a recreated Eiffel Tower in Germany. (Rob C. Witzel/The Gainesville Sun)
 Matthew Becker EE’21  Becker-Matthew-1
 Carmi Bee AR’67  Bee-Carmi-1
 Chris Benedict AR’86  Benedict-Christine-1
 John Berg A’53  John Berg Portrait circa 1979- SUBMITTED BY HIM - 091002
 Phyllis Berger ME’46*  Phyliis Berger
 Emile Berliner Eng 1876  Emile Berliner Eng 1900
 Alfred Blaustein A’47  Blaustein-Al-1
 Don Blauweiss A’61  Blauweiss-Don-1
 Charles Bliss ChE’39/PDE’48  DSC_0435
 Sidney Borg CE’37
 Michael Borkowsky ME’61  Borkowsky-Michael-1
 Leo Brancato ME’50  
 Kenneth Bridbord ChE’64  Bridbord-Kenneth-1
 Steve Brodner A’76  
 Ronald Brookmeyer Math’75  
 Louis Brooks ME’41  Brooks-Louis-1
 Maurice Brooks ChE’47  
 Daisy Brown Eng 1904  
Jean Brownhill AR’00  
 The Bruce High Quality Foundation  
 Ashley Bryan A’46  
 Mario Buatta A’62  Buatta-Mario-1
  Kevin Burke EE’72  Burke-Kevin-1
 Albert Burstein ME’59  
 Albert Carnesale ME’57  Carnesale-Albert-1
 James D. Carroll Eng 1929  
 John T. Carroll CE’33
John Peter Cerone Eng’95
 John Cetrule Eng 1921  
 George Chaikin AR’69  
 Irwin S. Chanin Eng 1915  Chanin-Irwin-1
 Remy Charlip A’49  Charlip, Remy - Portrait
 Martin Charnin A’55

 Seymour Chwast A’51  Chwast-Seymour-1
 John Clarke AR’66 Clarke-John-1
 John V. Cleary EE’25
 Martin Cohen A’52  Cohen, Martin - Portrait - 091022
 Louis Cole EE’11  
Joshua Lionel Cowen Eng 1879  
 Maurice Cox AR’83  Cox-Maurice-1
 Freeman Craw A’39  
C. Raymond Dahl ME’43  C Raymond Dahl portrait
 David Dardick ME’34  
 Georgina Davis A 1880  
Peggy Deamer AR’77
 Walter Dean ChE’26  
 William Deasy CE’58  Deasy-William-1
 Roy DeCarava A’40  DeCarava-Roy-Portrait
 Matthew Del Gaudio AR1908  
 Freda Diamond A’24  
 Franklin Diederich ME’43  Diederich-Franklin-1
 Elizabeth Diller AR’79  090901- Diller, Elizabeth - Portrait Received
 Lois Dodd A’48  Dodd-Lois-1
 Louis Dorfsman A’39  Dorfsman-Lou-2
 Evan Douglis AR’83  douglis
 Stephen Doyle A’78  
 Leonardo Drew A’85  Drew
 Arthur Drexler AR’47  
Eric Drooker A’83 Eric Drooker self Portait
 Ronald Drucker CE’62  Drucker-Ron-1
 William Dubilier Eng 1909  p~209,210,212,214,216
Thomas Edison Eng 1870s Edison-Thomas-1
 Richard Ehrlich EE’53  
 Barry Elbasani AR’64  Elbasani-Barry-1
Mitch Epstein A’76

Awol Erizku A’10  
 Nicholas Fasciano A’60  Fasciano-Nick-1
 Alan Feltus A’66  Feltus-Alan-1
 Laurin Fischer SCE’42  Fischer-Laurin-1
 Carl Fischer A’48  Carl Fischer portrait
 Audrey Flack A’51  Flack, Audrey - Self Portrait - 1974 - Collection Marcus Kutter - Acrylic on Canvas, 80x64 in
Max Fleischer A 1900  Fleischer-Max-1
 George Fox CE’40  Fox-George-1
 Isidor Fankuchen Eng’26  Fankuchen-Isidor-1
 George Friedl EE’28  
George Gardner A’51  Gardner-George-1
 Paul Garrin A’82  Paul Garrin A'82
 Gerald Gersten A’50  
 Leslie Gill AR’82  leslie-gill
 Gregory Gillespie A’60  
 Charles Gilvarg ChE’48  
 Milton Glaser A’51  Glaser-Milton-1.1
 Irwin Glusker A’48
Richard Wayne Gnagey CE’70 Rich Gnagey thumbnail
Carin Goldberg A’75  carin goldberg
 Harold Goldberg EE’44  Hall Goldberg
 Alexander Gorlin AR’78  Alex-Gorlin
 TJ Gottesdiener AR’79  Gottesdiener-TJ-1
 Jack Gould ME’27  jack-gould
 Roy Grace A’62  Grace-Roy-1
Regina Granne A’59  Regina Granne
Al Greenberg A’48  Greenberg, Albert - PORTRAIT
 Howard Greyber ME’43  
 Norman Griner A’52
 Benjamin Gross EE’12  
 Benjamin Gruzen AR’43  
Irwin J. Gruverman ChE’54
Marina Gutierrez A’81
Dimitri Hadzi A’50   12-2011 newsletter Dimiti Hadzi
 Naomi Harley SCE’59  Naomi Harley
 William Harnett A 1871
 John V. Harrington EE’40  
 Erich Hausmann Eng 1907
 Laurie Hawkinson AR’83  Hawkinson-Laurie-1
 Edward Hawthorne EE’43 
 Palmer C. Hayden A 1919  
 John Q. Hejduk AR’50
 Robert Herzog ChE’39  
 Eva Hesse A’57   Eva Hesse
 Leslie Hewitt A’00  
Steven M. Hillyer AR’90
 Charles Hoberman A’79  Hoberman-Charles-1
 Marilyn Hoffner A’48  290-marilyn-hoffner-rt
 Nils Hoglund Eng’44  
 Clarence Hornung A 1919
Russell Hulse PHY’70  12-2011 newsletter Russell Hulse
 Evan Hunter A’46  
 Benedict Itri EE’75  
Patty Jenkins A’93  Jenkins-Patty-1
Herman Jessor Eng 1917  
 Evelyn Jetter Eng’50  
 Israel Kalish EE’53  Kalish-Israel-1
 Arthur Kane A’50  Art Kane
 Alex Katz A’49  Katz-Alex-1
 Myron Kayton ME’55  Kayton-Myron-1
Frank Kelemen Eng’37  
 Arthur Keller Eng’23  
Kerri Ann Kelly CE’96
 Morris Ketay Eng’26  
 Peter Kimm CE’58  Kimm-Peter-1
William King A’48  King, Dickey - Portrait - 091006
 Frank E. Kirby Eng 1865  
 R.B. Kitaj A’53  Kitaj-RB-1
 Roderick Knox AR’70  Knox-Roderick-1
 Lee Krasner A’29  Krasner, Lee - Photo from Bio Resource Center
 Frederick Krug Eng’17  
Michael Kwartler AR’65  Kwartler-Michael-1
 Marisa Lago PHY’77  Lago-Marisa-1
Alfred Lama A 1920  
 Walter Langbein Eng 1931  
 Stanley Lapidus EE’70  Lapidus-Stanley-1
 Isidor Laskowitz ME 1918  
 Julian LaVerdiere A’93  julian-laverdiere
Benjamin Lax ME’41  Lax-Benjamin-1
 Jennifer Lee AR’97  
John Leeper AR’85 John Leeper AR'85
 Robert Lenz CE’50  Lenz-Robert-1
 Ralph Lerner AR’74  Lerner-Ralph-1
 Diane Lewis AR’76  Lewis-Diane-1
 Daniel Libeskind AR’70  Libeskind-Daniel-1
Morton Lippmann ChE’54   mlippmport
 Richard Loew A’48  
 Simon Lok EE’97
Campbell_Lok_Drucker at 2006 Urban Visianry Awards

Simon Lok receiving award from CU President George Campbell and CUAA President Ron Druckner

 Vincent Longo A’46  
Bernard Loughlin EE’39  
 Whitfield Lovell A’81  
 Herbert Lubalin A’39

Air Mail Stamp designed by Herb Lubalin

 Kristin Lucas A’94  
 Ellen Lupton A’85  Lupton-Ellen-1
 Alexander Lurkis Eng’30  
 Richard Lytle A’55  Lytle, Richard - Portrait Croped
 Leon Machiz Eng’48  
 Daniel Maggin Eng 1920  
 Kamran Mahbobi EE’89/MEE’91  
  Jay Maisel A’52  Maisel-Jay-1
 Oronzio Maldarelli A’33  
Agustin (Tim) Maldonado AR’66  
 Lauren Mallas AR’68  Mallas-Lauren-1
 Dean Maltz AR’84
 Peppino Mangravite A 1918  
 S. Stanford Manson ME’41  
John Manuck ChE’69
 Fred Marcellino A’60  
 Samuel G. Margles Eng 1911
 Alvin Marks EE’32  
 Alexander Matiuk ME’38  
John Maxon A’38  
 Anthony Mazzola A’48  Mazzola-Anthony-1
 Katie Merz A’84
 Joseph Messina A’50  
 Abbott Miller A’85  Abbott Miller portrait
 Nicholas Molnar Eng’26  
 Toshiko Mori AR’76
William Morrison A’89  
Victor Moscoso A’57
 Jacque C. Morrell Eng 1916  
 Michael Morris AR’89
 Patricia Buckley Moss A’55
 Jay Moskowitz, PHY’70  jay-moskowitz
Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe A’75  Moutoussamy-Ashe-Jeanne-1
 Wangechi Mutu A’97  Mutu-Wangechi-1
 Walter Nazarewicz ChE’49  Nazarewicz-Walter-1
 Albert Nerken ChE’33  
Vera Neumann A’28  
 Lawrence Ng EE’78  Ng-Lawrence-1
 Thomas Nozkowski A’67  thomas-nozkowski-interview-900x450
Elizabeth O’Donnell AR’83 Elizabeth O'Donnell
James O’Donnell Eng’30  
John O’Rourke Eng 1876  johnorrourke1
 Emily Oberman A’85  EMILY_OBERMAN_profile
 Rolf Ohlhausen AR’58  Ohlhausen-Rolf-1
 Daniel Okun CE’37
 Victor Papanek AR’50  
 Caesar Pattarini ME’53  Pattarini -Ceaser
 Thomas Peterson Eng’23  
 Eleanore Pettersen AR’41  12-2011 newsletter Elanore Pettersen
 William Pfann Eng’40  
Sylvia Plimack Mangold A’59  Mangold-SylviaPlimack-1
 Rubin Rabinowitz Eng’42  
Donald Rapp ChE’55
Jesse Reiser AR’81    Reiser-Jesse-1
Charles Reiss AR’65  Reiss-Charles-1
Eli Reshotko ME’50
John Riedel Eng 1898  
Andrea Robbins A’87
Herbert Roemmele Eng’25  
Gerard Rohlich Eng’34  
Anne Romme AR’05
John Ross A’49 and Clare Romano Ross A’43
Arthur Rosenblatt AR’52  
Barry Rosenbaum ChE’63
 Irving Rossi Eng 1909  
 Bernard Rothzeid AR’49  Rothzeid-Bernard-1
 Reynold Ruffins A’51 Reynold Ruffins
 Augustus Saint-Gaudens A 1866  augustus_profile
 Michael Samuelian AR’95
Juan E. Sanchez A’77
 Richard Sarles CE’67  
 Yoshiko Sato AR’89
 Augusta Savage A’25  augustasavage3
Charles Schaffner CE’41  Schaffner-Charles-1
 Alfred Schneider ChE’51  Schneider-Alfred-1
 Barbara Schwartz ChE’75  Schwartz-Barbara-1
 Richard Schwartz ME’57  Schwartz-Richard-1
 Mischa Schwartz EE’47  Schwartz-Mischa-1
 Ricardo Scofidio AR’55  090901- Scofidio, Ricardo - Portrait Received
 Robert Scudellari A’55  
 Catherine Seavitt Nordenson AR’94
 George Segal A’44  Segal, George - Portrait 3
Dean Seifried EE’36  
 Joan Semmel A’52  Semmel-Joan-1
 Joanna Sherman A’69
 Samuel Sigman CE’38  
 Steven Silberstang CE’70  Silberstang-Steven-1
 Elizabeth Simons ChE’50  
 Gloria Simoneaux, A’74  Gloria Simoneax
 Arthur Singer A’39  Singer-Arthur-1
Lee Skolnick AR’79  Lee Skolnick
 Neal Slavin A’63  Slavin-Neal-1
Dr. Richard Slember ME’55  Slember-Richard-1
 Douglas Smith Eng’27  
 CBJ Snyder AR 1881  
 Edward Sorel A’51  Sorel-Ed-1
 Raphael Soyer A 1917  Soyer-Raphael-2
 George Spatta Eng’14  
 Robert Spindel EE’65  
 Mark Alan Stamaty A’69  Photos-of-MarkAlanStamaty--
Sidney Stark ME’40  
 Richard Stein AR’37  
 Samuel Steinberg Eng 1910  
David Steinman Eng 1906
David Steinmann ENG 1906

David Steinman ENG 1906

Ivan Stern EE’62  
 Allan Stirling ME1870  
 Edwin King Stodola EE’36  
 Paul A. Strassmann CE’53  Strassman
Eric Sumner ME’48  
 Raymond Szymanowitz Eng’22  
 Philip Taaffe A’77  
 Simms Taback A’53 Simms Taback
 Anthony Titus AR’98  
 Fred Travisano AR’67  
 Martin Trust ME’56  
 Anthony Tung AR’72  
 Emanuel Turano AR’41  
 Nanako Umemoto AR’83  Umemoto-Nanako-1
 Stan VanDerBeek A’56  
 William Vopat ME’31  
 Annie E. A. Walker A 1895  
Jennifer Fenton Weishaupt ChE’95
 Irma Giustino Weiss A’45  Weiss-IrmaGiustino-1
Stephen Welby ChE’87
 Tom Wesselmann A’59  Wesselmann-Tom-1
 Mark West AR’80
 Robert White ChE’36  
 Ira Whitman CE’61  Whitman-Ira-1
 Elwood Whitney A 1924
 Jack Whitten A’64
 Marie Wieck BSE’82  Wieck-Marie-1
 Elliot Willensky AR’53  
 Peter Winokur PHY’68  
 Jerome Witkin A’60  Witkin-Jerome-1
 Joel-Peter Witkin A’70  Witkin Archive
  Robert Yarber A’71  
Nancy Yieh ME’79  Yieh-Nancy-1
Jackie Ying ChE’87  Jackie Ying
Jack Yogman ChE’48  New pic of Jack Yogman
 Simon Zelnik AR’24
 Joseph Zelvin AR’65  Zelvin-Joseph-1

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