Running For: Nominating Committee

Campaign Statement

Dear Fellow Alumni:
I am pleased to have been nominated again to serve on the Nominating Committee and to be able to serve with so many dedicated members of the CUAA and supporters of CU during a time of rejuvenation. I am dedicated to preserving the history and mission of CUAA and CU.I will work diligently to find and vet qualified candidates dedicated to the support of CUAA, CU and Peter Coopers Ideals.


Jim is a Professional Engineer with focused work in wastewater treatment and municipal infrastructure. He makes his home in Glen Ellyn, IL, a suburb of Chicago, with his wife Christine.Active in CUAA as an elected Council Member, Chair of the Constitution Committee, Co-Chair of the Membership Committee and avid member of the Chicago Regional Chapter of Alumni.He is recognized as a practicing professional, skilled in organizational team building and leadership. If you can’t get in touch with him, which would be highly unusual, please check the garden or the golf course!

ChE ’93

Voting Information