Running For: VP Student and Faculty Liason

Campaign Statement

I would welcome an opportunity to work on behalf of the Cooper Union Alumni Association in the capacity of Student/Faculty liaison and believe my experience as both a teacher and an administrator in higher education would help facilitate the dialogue between all concerned with the goal of helping to create an initiative of sustained collaboration and transparency. I believe it is paramount that students, faculty, and administration all have an opportunity to express their concerns and have a voice in a partnership of shared governance..


Mark O’Grady graduated with honors from the Cooper Union School of Art and received an MFA degree from Louisiana Tech University. Mark is currently a full-time professor at Pratt Institute where he has worked both as chair of a department and as a teacher for the past nineteen years.  During his tenure at Pratt, Mark has served as an elected member to the Academic Senate, has served as the Faculty Trustee, as well as serving as the faculty representative to the Trustee Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Development committees. Mark continues to be an active exhibiting artist with exhibitions on both the national and international level

Art ’76

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