Dear Cooper Union Family,

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I am Chris Mignano, a junior Mechanical Engineering student, and one of the lead engineers of the Cooper Cube team. I am reaching out to introduce you to the project, generate publicity, and ask for your support in helping us break the internet. 

The Cooper Cube project began in Professor Eric Lima’s Principles of Design class as a project to “break the internet” — our challenge to push our limits and empower the community — and we decided we would do this by crushing the record for the world’s largest functioning Rubik’s Cube. Under the leadership of head engineers Chris Mignano and Michael Chan, and with the incredible guidance and engineering of Dr. Eric Lima and Mr. Brian Yudin, the Cooper Cube team of engineering students has made this dream a reality. Our aspiration with building the cube was to create something that honored the expectations of what Cooper Union students are capable of. A monument that would not only stake our claim as student leaders in the community but that would also serve to broadcast the message of how amazing Cooper is. The current record stands at 5’6”x5’6”, and our planned design is set to beat the record by an incredible margin: standing 10’ tall with 6’x6’ faces. The Cooper Cube, like those before it, will become an international spectacle, putting us at the forefront of the educational world. The cube exists as proof that at Cooper, a student is limited only by their imagination, that no goal is out of reach with hard work and dedication, and that no one is ever too young to do meaningful work. 

The team is composed of lead engineers: Chris Mignano, Michael Chan, Brian Yudin, Dr. Eric Lima, and engineering team made up of students:  Rose Gebhardt, Jacques Mosseri, Bibi Razak, Lutor Mei, Alexander Seligson, Kevin Kerliu, Harris Paspuleti, Andrew Njeim, Hayden Codiga, Enea Dushaj, Yuval Philipson, Daniel Pak, Jinhan Zhang. 

Rollout will be during the Spring 2020 semester where we plan to proudly erect the cube beside the Alamo Cube for the world to see. We also plan to display the project at the end of year show, and use it as a collaborative platform for future work. There will be more information and several announcements regarding specific dates and times, so stay tuned!

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In the meantime, we encourage you to share this project and help us break the internet! Currently, the project can be found and shared online! Check out the Cooper Cube on my personal website: and see the video on the official Cooper Union Instagram page:

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or ideas! We’re always looking for ways to make the project more incredible and representative of the community!

Chris_M in Cooper Cube

I look forward to speaking to and hearing from you all soon. See you at the unveiling!


Chris Mignano,     The Cooper Union     Mechanical Engineering ‘21