Claudia F. Giordano Art 1976

Running For: 2021 Council

Campaign Statement

When the financial crisis became evident at Cooper Union, I become actively involved, attending ongoing informational and support meetings, including CUAA open general meetings. I was nominated to run for the CUAA Council and elected for a 3-year term in 2015.

I have participated on several committees and have developed working and personal relationships with several of my fellow Council members over the terms of 3 different CUAA presidents. On Facebook, I created a “Graduates of The Cooper Union” page and group, to help further CUAA outreach to Cooper alumni on social media.

By continuing my service to the CUAA I feel I am giving back to the institution which greatly informed who I became as an adult, an educator, an artist, and a community minded person.

As a long time resident of the East Village I am deeply connected to what happens in and around our alma mater and the surrounding community; as an educator I am committed to the cause of access to fine arts education; as an Alumna I will continue to push for an accelerated process to a Return to Free.


CUAA Committees:

Augustus Saint Gaudens Award – Co-Chair 2017, member 2018;

Peter Cooper Service Award – 2017, 2018;

Peter Cooper Block Party – 2014, 2016, 2017;

Events – Alumni Awards & Art Auction, 2016;

Communications – 2015-16;

Adrian Burton Jovanovic Memorial, 2017; MOA – 2018

Financial Supporter of the Committee to Save Cooper Union!

Fine Arts Educator, NYC Department of Education, 1983-2012

Founding Member, Solidarity Caucus of the United Federation of Teachers,
and Former UFT Union Delegate and Chapter Leader

LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, Reunion Committee Coordinator, Class of ‘72


Voting Information