Lawrence Levine AR 1969

Running For: 2021 Council

Campaign Statement

I have been involved with architecture, a profession I love, more than 49 years now, and still going strong. I would not have been able to do this, however, without the disciplined experience I had while attending Cooper Union, for which I will forever be grateful. Now that I have the time and easy access to the school, I feel it is time for me to give back and personally re-connect to the school and hopefully be of some use as  a proponent for similar alumni commitment.


Lawrence Levine is a registered architect, since 1973 in NYS and since 1993 in Delaware, and is also a member of NCARB. For the past 11 years, Lawrence has been a plan examiner for the NYC Dept. of Buildings and has reviewed hundreds of applications for permit; initially in the Queens office; for the past 3 years at the NYC Development HUB at 80 Centre St. in Manhattan, and , for the past year on the HUB affordable housing team; on the front line of helping promulgate the Mayor’s vision of providing more affordable housing for NYC. Among the prominent applications reviewed while at the HUB were the terminal building and garage for the NY wheel on Staten Island. Prior to this, for 15 years, Lawrence had his own architectural consulting business based in his 2nd home near New Castle, Delaware. Among his major involvements during this time was a consulting fee inspector for the US Dept. of HUD; inspecting over 1/2 billion dollars’ worth of new construction in NJ, DE, PA, CT. and MD. Among the major projects involved with were 3 of the high rise residential buildings at Lefrak’s Newport project in NJ.  Lawrence has also worked for some of the major architectural firms in the US, including Davis, Brody and Assoc., John Johansen, (on his Roosevelt Housing housing), Johnson, Burgee, (on the AT&T Corp. headquarters in NYC), and Ulrich Franzen. Lawrence currently resides in Forest Hills, Queens with his wife of 44 years, Mary Clifford.  Lawrence’s father, Irving Levine, was a Cooper Union art school major, night school.

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