Westley Rozen AR 2005

Running For: 2021 Council

Campaign Statement

My business partners and I are incredibly grateful for the education we received at Cooper and feel fortunate to have graduated without significant student debt.  We were able to start the business within months of graduating and have developed an experimental practice which we feel represents Cooper’s values. I would like future alumni to have the same ability to start their careers without debt and I feel that being a part of the CUAA is a good way to be an active member of the community and fight the good fight.

I’m proud, and moved, by the progress we’ve made as a community over the past few years. After such a painful period, it truly seems like the crisis has calmed and with a degree of unity, a reasonable plan, and inspiring leadership–we’re moving in the right direction. Building on this momentum, I look forward to working with students, alumni, faculty and the administration to reach our goal and solidifying our mission and stature within New York and the community of higher education institutions. Short of achieving full-tuition for all students, I’m also interested in bridge solutions that offer ways for disgruntled alumni and parents to reengage with the school and help soften the hardship of tuition for current students.


A month after graduating from Cooper, Wes established a company with four other Architecture alumni.  The company, SITU, has a broad approach to architectural practice and was modeled on principles learned while studying at Cooper.  Over the past 13 years the studio has won numerous grants and awards including the Architectural League Emerging Voices and a New York City Art Commission Award for Excellence in Design. In addition to architecture, Wes’ interests in film, mechanics, and animation have informed and teaching positions at Cooper Union, Columbia University, the Aarhus Architecture School, Denmark and the Royal Academy School of Architecture, Denmark.

Voting Information