Running For: Council

Campaign Statement

Issues that the CUAA will be facing: continue to implement the 10-year Plan to Return to Free; enforce the new CUAA Constitution, including 501(c)(3) status; sign a Memorandum of Agreement between Cooper and the CUAA; increase alumni engagement with each other and with the entire Cooper community; nominate and elect Alumni Trustees, hold them accountable to alumni, and ensure they are properly serving the college.


Barry Drogin EE’83 is a member of the CUAA Communications Committee, has volunteered for the CUAA Membership Committee, and has helped the CUAA Events Committee, particularly the Peter Cooper Street Fair.  He was elected to represent engineering alumni on the Working Group and received an award of Special Recognition for Extraordinary Service to The Cooper Union and its Alumni for his Working Group efforts, publication of The Alumni Pioneer, and work with Friends of Cooper Union and Free Cooper Union.  He is webmaster for the Cooper Union History Project and runs CUAA@Green-Wood every year.  He is also a Class Rep for the Class of 1983.

Voting Information