Running For: Nominating Committee

Campaign Statement

When the financial crisis exploded at Cooper Union, I became actively involved, attending numerous ongoing informational and support meetings, including CUAA open general meetings. I was nominated to run for the CUAA Council and elected for a 3-year term in 2015, and then again for another current 3-year term in 2018.

I have participated on several committees and have developed working and personal relationships with several of my fellow Council members over the terms of 3 different CUAA presidents. On Facebook, I created a “Graduates of The Cooper Union” page and group, to help further CUAA outreach to Cooper alumni on social media.

By continuing my service to the CUAA I feel I am giving back to the institution which greatly informed who I became as an adult, an educator, an artist, and a community minded person.

As a long time, now former resident of the East Village I remain deeply connected to what happens in and around our alma mater and the surrounding community; as a retired art educator and union caucus founder I remain committed to the cause of access to higher education; as an Alumna I will continue to push for an accelerated process to a Return to Free.

CUAA Committees: Augustus Saint Gaudens Award – Co-Chair 2017, Member 2018, 2019; Peter Cooper Service Award – 2017, 2018, 2019: Peter Cooper Block Party – 2014, 2016, 2017; Events – Alumni Awards & Art Auction, 2016; Communications – 2015-16; Adrian Burton Jovanovic Memorial, 2017; MOA – 2018-2019. Financial Supporter of the CSCU Committee to Save Cooper Union. Fine Arts Educator, NYC Department of Education, 1983-2012; Founding Member, Solidarity Caucus of the United Federation of Teachers, 2019 Candidate for UFT VP of Education; Former UFT Union Delegate and Chapter Leader; LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, Reunion Committee Co-Coordinator, Class of ‘72

Voting Information