Running For: Nominating Committe

Campaign Statement

I love Cooper!… and appreciate being nominated for the Alumni Association. I’d like to support the promotional vision and expand the networking that the Alumni Association has been building on. This perspective comes after watching so many smart and dedicated fellow alumni bring solid “get back to free tuition” plans back in play. I highly respect the amount of time and the arduous path the Alumni Council has recently taken in alignment with the Board of Trustees. My intention would be be part of the Alumni team helping to bring more engagement and positivity to the forefront of the Cooper Union legacy. It reminds us all of how proud we are to be graduates of the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art community.


A dynamic brand director, Jen’s creative career has spanned advertising, photography, editorial, e-commerce photo/video, social media, innovations and strategic entrepreneurial fashion enterprises.

She is the Co-Founder of multiple ventures including GogoCAL, and foodie Board Member Advisor of simple botanics [Simple Squares]. Even though Jen has directed countless shoots, people love to ask about her days on the beaches of St. Bart’s with the Victoria’s Secret Angels! In addition to her forays with the tech sector C-suite, she has also worked with renowned F500 retailers including Macy’s Inc, Ascena, Target and Amazon alongside top-tier photographers, talent and supermodels. Jen believes a marketing maestro must be an awe-inspired storyteller, maintain a sense of play, and that talent is garnered through experience—not god given.