Running For: Council


Hi! I’m Devora Najjar, ChE’16. I spent my time at Cooper focusing on chemical and biomedical engineering, but took classes in all three schools during my degree. Throughout my time at Cooper I tried to be as engaged as possible with the school at large, particularly because of the difficult and divisive first year I had when tuition was announced. I was the first student trustee appointed at Cooper, and worked to try and voice student opinion on all school related matters during that time. After my term was up in my senior year, I became the representative for my Chemical Engineering class and continued to participate in Joint Student Council activities. I am now a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab studying directed evolution and genetic engineering, as well as policy and regulation around genetic engineering.

As a student, I attended CUAA meetings and activities and hoped to get involved and stay engaged after graduating. I would love to have an opportunity to put the knowledge I gained while working between the students, faculty, administration, and Board to use! Though based in Boston, I hope to strengthen young alumni community engagement and create more opportunities for students and alumni to interact and share the culture and history of Cooper Union.

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