Running For: Council

Campaign Statement

I would like to simply continue my service to the school. Researching into Cooper’s history two years prior to my own admission, I understood one must preserve, protect, and promote Peter Cooper’s legacy, not only at the moment of crisis and at one’s convenience, but at the very moment you receive the letter and decide to enter the school — you honor the social contract and simply, pick up the baton.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, I have spent my adolescence in the Hispanic neighborhood of East Los Angeles where I attended high school and community college. During my time at Cooper, not only did I spent 6 holiday breaks working in the Architecture Archive constructing public exhibitions, 4 semesters with the Saturday Programs educating our prospective students, and 10 semesters assisting students, faculty, and staff at the CUCC, I was also actively involved in the Free Cooper campaign which had significantly influenced and contributed to the recent positive outcome of the school’s crisis. In the late 2015, with a renewed energy from my self-guided Grand Tour, I have returned to Cooper, volunteered in the Nonstop Cooper campaign at the former St. Mark Bookstore, completed my undergraduate thesis on Integrated Autonomism that connects people, architecture, community, and land, and finally, graduated with the class of 2016.

As a young alumnus, I had served as the Site Coordinator to CUAA to develop site-plan and schedule, obtain street permits and insurances certificates, and organized volunteers and party rentals for the 2016 Peter Cooper Block Party. Outside of Cooper, I have taken various curatorial and event planning positions, where I enhanced brands’ reputation and visibility through community engagement and public programs, while keeping within schedule, cost, and safety restrictions. Leveraging my years of hands-on experience, I have recently founded Parvum Opus LLC, a consulting company that provides design, planning, and construction services to a cross-spectrum of building trades and creative professionals.

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