Running For: Alumni Trustee

Campaign Statement

With my experience working within the CUAA for over 10 years, I feel that I am uniquely positioned to serve you as Alumni Trustee. My campaign pledge is to, if elected, collaborate and communicate in this unique role between the CUAA and the Board of Trustees. As required by the CUAA constitution and bylaws, I will serve in a liaison capacity between the Council and BOT, and will, in addition to attendance and participation in Trustees meetings and activities, attend CUAA Council Executive Board meetings and Council Meetings to my greatest ability. This is a crucial role and link between our groups with the obligation to not only update the Council and Alumni, but also to share with the Trustees the best successes and capabilities of our Alumni. Please vote for me so I can support our return to free while working to develop opportunities for collaboration to support The Cooper Union and her mission between the trustees and the Alumni.


I am an environmental engineer and project manager engaged on hazardous waste and remediation sites; In the 10 years I’ve participated with the CUAA Alumni, I have been elected council member for 3 terms. I currently hold the role of Secretary/Treasurer and have previously held the following roles: appointed Chair of the Editorial and Communications Committees, and elected chair of Nominating Committee. I worked with Friends of Cooper Union to engage the community in a series of community collaboration meetings with break-out sessions that informed the development and content of The Way Forward. I was also awarded Young Alumnus of the Year in 2011, and my alumni profile can be found here.

I live in Montgomery, NY with my two teenaged stepdudes, my husband, and my grouchy cat. I work primarily in NY and NJ. In my spare time, I knit and spin, practice tae kwon do, read voraciously and indiscriminately, and ride my scrappy motorcycle.

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