Gano Dunn Award Winners

The Gano Dunn Award for professional achievement in engineering, industry, science or finance is presented annually to a graduate of The Albert Nerken School of Engineering. Established in 1955, the award is named for Gano Dunn, who devoted a quarter century of service to The Cooper Union as a Trustee, as Chairman of the Board of Trustees and 15 years as President of The Cooper Union.  He was an Electrical Engineer who received one of the first degrees in electrical engineering granted in the United States.  He got that degree from Columbia University in 1889. He served as President of J.G. White Engineering Corporation.  He directed construction projects around the world including the US Oil Base at Pearl Harbor and the rebuilding of Haiti following a massive earthquake.  He is the recipient of both the Edison Medal and the Hoover Medal for his achievements in Engineering.   Read Gano Dunn’s biography here.

**indicates deceased

2019 Marisa Lago Phy’77
2018 Richard Sarles CE’67
2017 Ronald Brookmeyer Math’75  
2016 Jackie Ying, ChE’87 Jackie Ying
2015  Paul Strassmann CE’53  Strassman
2014 Jay Moskowitz, PHY ’70  jay-moskowitz
2013 Harold Goldberg, EE ’44  Hall Goldberg
2012 Morton Lippmann ChE’54  mlippmport
2011 Charles Bliss ChE’39/PDE’48  DSC_0435
2010 Naomi Harley SCE’59  Naomi Harley
2009 Peter Winokur PHY’68  Peter S Winokur
2008 Ira Whitman CE’61  Whitman-Ira-1
2007 Steven Silberstang CE’70  Silberstang-Steven-1
2006 Jack Gould ME’27 **
Kevin Burke EE’72
2005 Kenneth Bridbord ChE’64  Bridbord-Kenneth-1
2004 Elizabeth Simons ChE’50  Simons-Elizabeth-1
2003 Barbara Schwartz ChE ’75  Schwartz-Barbara-1
2002 Daniel Okun CE’37 **
Ivan Stern EE’62
2001 Benedict Itri EE’75
Joseph Zelvin AR ’65
2000 Richard Slember ME’55  Slember-Richard-1
1999 Robert Aquilina CE’78
William Vopat ME’31 **
1998 Stanley Lapidus EE’70  Lapidus-Stanley-1
1997 Martin Trust ME’56  Trust-Martin-1
1996 Ronald Drucker CE’62  Drucker-Ron-1
1995 Israel Kalish EE’53  Kalish-Israel-1
1994 Russell Hulse PHY’70  12-2011 newsletter Russell Hulse
1993 Alfred Schneider ChE’51  Schneider-Alfred-1
1992 Albert Burstein ME’59
1991 Richard Ehrlich EE’53  Ehrlich-Richard-1
1990 Richard Schwartz ME’57  Schwartz-Richard-1
1989 Robert Spindel EE’65  Spindel-Robert-1
1988 Robert Lenz CE’50  Lenz-Robert-1
1987 Philip Auerbach ME’51 **  Auerbach-Philip-1
1986 Mischa Schwartz EE’47  Schwartz-Mischa-1
1985 Albert Carnesale ME’57
William Deasy CE’58
Peter Kimm CE’58
1984 Eric Sumner ME’48 **  Sumner-Eric-1
1983 John Harrington EE’40 **
1982 Charles Schaffner CE’41 **  Schaffner-Charles-1
1981 Evelyn Jetter Eng’50 **
C. Raymond Dahl ME’43 **
 C Raymond Dahl portrait
1980 Alexander Matiuk ME’38 **
1979 Saul Aronow EE’39  Aronaw-Saul-1
1978 Sidney Stark ME’40
1977 Irwin Chanin BSE’15 **  Chanin-Irwin-1
1976 Maurice Brooks ChE’47  Brooks-Louis-1
1975 Myron Kayton ME’55  Kayton-Myron-1
1974 Alvin Marks EE’32 **
1973 George Fox CE’40 **  Fox-George-1
1972 Walter Langbein Eng’31 **
1971 Nils O.Hoglund Eng’44 **
1970 Bernard Loughlin ChE’32 **  Loughlin-Bernard-1
1969 Benjamin Lax ME’41  Lax-Benjamin-1
1968 Franklin Diederich ME’43 **  Diederich-Franklin-1
1967 Walter Dean ChE ’26 **
1966 Nicholas Molnar Eng’26 **  
1965 Isidore Fankuchen Eng’26 **
Raymond Szymanowitz Eng’22 **
1964 Irving Rossi BSE’1909 **
1963 William Pfann Eng’40 **
1962 Daniel Maggin Eng’20 **
1961 Louis Cole EE’1911 **
1960 Erich Hausmann Eng’07 **
1959 Frederick Krug Eng’17 **
1958 Matthew Del Gaudio 1908 **  Matthew W Del Guadio 1
1957 Thomas Peterson Eng’23 **
1956 Morris Ketay Eng’26 **
1955 William Dubilier Eng’1909 **  p~209,210,212,214,216