The John Q. Hejduk Award, established in 2003, is given to a graduate of the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture who has made an outstanding contribution to the theory, teaching and/or practice of architecture. The recipient reflects the passion and commitment that John Hejduk, Cooper Union faculty member from 1964-2000 and Dean of the School of Architecture from 1975-2000, had for architecture. Prior to 2003, architecture alumni were among those honored with the Augustus Saint-Gaudens Award.

2024 Catherine Seavitt Nordenson AR’94
2023 Samuel Anderson A’82
2022 Jennifer Lee AR’97
2021 Peggy Deamer AR’77
2020 Steven Hillyer AR’90
2019 Joan Ockman AR’80
2018 Michael Samuelian AR’95
2017 Mark West AR’80
2016 Elizabeth O’Donnell AR’83 Elizabeth O'Donnell
2015 Evan Douglis, AR ’83  douglis
2014 Leslie Gill, AR ’82  leslie-gill
2013 Michael Morris, AR ’89 Yoshiko Sato, AR ’89**
2012 Lee Skolnick AR’79,Ralph Lerner AR’74   Lee Skolnick
2011 Jesse Reiser AR’81 & Nanako Umemoto AR’83  Reiser-Jesse-1Umemoto-Nanako-1
2010 Laurie Hawkinson AR’83  Hawkinson-Laurie-1
2009 Stan Allen AR’81  stan allen
2008 Alexander Gorlin AR’78  Alex-Gorlin
2007 Carmi Bee AR’67,Michael Kwartler AR’65  Bee-Carmi-1Kwartler-Michael-1
2006 Maurice Cox AR’83  Cox-Maurice-1
2005 Diane Lewis AR’76  Lewis-Diane-1
2004 Barry Elbasani AR’64  Elbasani-Barry-1
2003 Toshiko Mori AR’76  Mori-Toshiko-1