The Augustus Saint-Gaudens Award for professional achievement in art is presented annually to a graduate (or graduates) of the School of Art. Established in 1962, the award is named in honor of one of our most distinguished alumni of the school. He was admitted to The Cooper Union in 1861 at the age of 13 and was a friend of Peter Cooper’s.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Art 1866, was a leading American sculptor of the late 19th century. He is well known for his bronze historical memorials. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1848 and came to America as an infant.  He grew up in New York City.  At the age of 13 he was apprenticed to a cameo cutter and, at 14, began his studies at Cooper Union. He later studied at the National Academy of Design and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.  Shortly after returning from a stay in Rome in 1875, he received the commission for the Admiral Farragut monument in Madison Square, New York City which he completed in 1881. It was the first of a number of memorials relating to the Civil War. One of Saint-Gaudens’s best-known works is his memorial to General Sherman (1892-1903) in Central Park, New York City.  Others are the Standing Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Park Chicago, The Seated Abraham Lincoln in Grant Park, Chicago, and the Statue of Diana that was once on top of Madison Square Garden.  It is now in the Philadelphia Museum.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens was successful in his own time. He was a leader in the artistic community that grew up around his estate at Cornish, New Hampshire, where he died in 1907.   His house and studio have been preserved as the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site.

2024 Ann Agee A’81
2023 Mitch Epstein A’76
2022 Patty Jenkins A’93
2021 Ashley F. Bryan A’46
2020 Juan Sanchez A’77
2019 Meredith Bergmann A’77
2018 Katie Merz A’84
2018  Jack Whitten A’64
2017 Victor Moscoso A’57  
2016 Eric Drooker AR’83 Eric Drooker self Portait
2015 Leonardo Drew, A’85 Leo Drew
2014 Julian LaVerdiere, A ’93
Augusta Savage, A ’25
2013 Regina Granne, A ’59  Regina Granne
2012 Carin Goldberg A’75  carin goldberg
2011 Wangechi Mutu A’97  Mutu-Wangechi-1
2010 Steve Brodner A’76  
2009 Abbott Miller A’85  Abbott Miller portrait
2008 Whitfield Lovell A’81
2007 Roy DeCarava A’40
Mark Alan Stamaty A’69
2006 Al Greenberg A’48  Greenberg, Albert - PORTRAIT
2005 Lois Dodd A’48
Martin Charnin A’55
Alfred Blaustein A’47
2004 Emily Oberman A’85  EMILY_OBERMAN_profile
2003 Philip Taaffe A’77
2002 Chuck Hoberman A’79
2001 Simms Taback A’53
2000 Shigeru Ban AR’84
Irwin Glusker A’48
 Ban, Shigeru Photo #3
1999 Thomas Aidala AR’55
Stephen Doyle A’78
Alan Feltus A’66
1998 Ricardo Scofidio AR’55
Elizabeth Diller AR’79
 090901- Diller, Elizabeth - Portrait Received090901- Scofidio, Ricardo - Portrait Received
1997 Fred Marcellino A’60
Edward Feiner AR’69
1996 Jerome Witkin A’60
Joel-Peter Witkin A’70
 Witkin ArchiveWitkin-Jerome-1
1995 Arnold Arlow A’54  Arlow-Arnold-1
1994 Eleanore Petterson AR’41
Gregory Gillespie A ’60
12-2011 newsletter Elanore Pettersen
1993 Reynold Ruffins A’51
Nicholas Fasciano A’60
Reynold RuffinsFasciano-Nick-1
1992 Daniel Libeskind AR’70  Libeskind-Daniel-1
1991 George Gardner A’51  Gardner-George-1
1990 Mario Buatta A’62  Buatta-Mario-1
1989 Dimitri Hadzi A’50  12-2011 newsletter Dimiti Hadzi
1988 Neal Slavin A’63  Slavin-Neal-1
1987 R.B. Kitaj A’53
Victor Papanek AR’50
1986 Bernard Rothzeid AR ’49
Gerald Gersten A’50
1985 John Berg A’53
Herman Jessor Eng 1917
Richard Lytle A’55
 John Berg Portrait circa 1979- SUBMITTED BY HIM - 091002Lytle, Richard - Portrait Croped
1984 Remy Charlip A’49
Alfred Lama AR’20
Eva Hesse A’57
 remy charlipEva Hesse
1983 Arthur Rosenblatt AR’52  Rosenblatt-Arthur-1
1982 Audrey Flack A’51  Flack, Audrey - Self Portrait - 1974 - Collection Marcus Kutter - Acrylic on Canvas, 80x64 in
Rolf Ohlhausen AR’58  Ohlhausen-Rolf-1
1981 Roy Grace A’62  Grace-Roy-1
1980 Alex Katz A’49  Katz-Alex-1
1979 Richard Loew A’48  Loew-Richard-1
1978 Tom Wesselman A’59  Wesselmann-Tom-1
1977 Jay Maisel A’52  Maisel-Jay-1
1976 Norman Griner A’52
1975 John Q. Hejduk AR’50 John Hejduk
1974 Lee Krasner A’29  Krasner, Lee - Photo from Bio Resource Center
1973 Edward Sorel A’51  Ed Sorel photo2 19Mar09
1972 Seymour Chwast A’51  Chwast-Seymour-1
1971 George Segal A’44  Segal, George - Portrait 3
1970 John Alcorn A’55  Alcorn, John - Portrait 1970 - From Stephen Alcorn - 090806
1969 Carl Fischer A’48  Carl Fischer portrait
1968 Raphael Soyer A’17  Soyer-Raphael-2
1967 Arthur Kane A’50  Art Kane
1966 Milton Glaser A’51  Glaser-Milton-1.1
1965 Herbert Lubalin A’39

Air Mail Stamp designed by Herb Lubalin

1964 William King A’48  King, Dickey - Portrait - 091006
1963 Louis Dorfsman A’39  Dorfsman-Lou-2
1962 Arthur Singer A’39  Singer-Arthur-1