Campaign and Bio

Gene Tulchin

Born 1934. Married, living in Jersey City N.J.

Graduate of the Cooper Union Art School, class of 1955

(My father was a graduate of the C.U. Night School, class of 1916)

Until my retirement in 1994, I was an associate professor at the Cooper Union School of Art (25+ years). While there I served on numerous committees including the School-wide Senate, where I served as the faculty representative to the Board of Trustees, and in later years, to the full-time faculty union.

I am a practicing artist (painting, photography, and computer graphics). My work has been exhibited widely in the U.S. and Europe, including at The Museum of Modern Art as well as the Brooklyn Museum, Queens Museum of Science, Witkin Gallery, Siggraph, and numerous other venues. More details can be found at: http://www.etulchin.com/

I am running for a position on the Alumni Association Board because I am a strong believer in the mission of the Cooper Union: to provide the highest quality education, free, to all accepted students. Anything less undermines the Founder’s basic principles and vitiates the core values that have made Cooper an internationally renowned institution. Cooper is not, and should not become, “just another college”. Money is always in short supply. Its proper allocation is the key to continued successful operation of the school and its educational programs. Unfortunately the corporatization of higher education has led to wildly inflated administrative costs. This process has been, and is, harming our students, who are after all the raison d’être of the institution.

With your vote, as a member of the Alumni Association, I will work hard to re-balance the priorities of Cooper Union so that it can return to its rightful place at the pinnacle of American higher education.

Gene Tulchin A’55