Anderson-Cusack-Smolar Ticket

Anderson-Cusack-Smolar for CUAA 2015

Back to FREE:

1. Nils Folke Anderson will be a principled and effective member on the Board, advocating for why FREE is necessary and why the Alumni are part of that
2. Nils Folke Anderson will vote on the Board for a new President that believes in a FREE Cooper Union
3. Fundraise to support the REAL Mission of The Cooper Union
4. Reconstitute and sustain an ONGOING Working Group to propose and analyze solutions, all groups invited
5. Publicize clearly what the school IS and is NOT doing to move towards free, to all alumni


1. Mentoring, networking, and career advice for students & young alumni for ALL THREE schools
2. More prominent advertisement of alumni openings, events, & crowdfunds to support YOUR individual endeavors
3. Better opportunities, volunteering & community relationship-building in NYC

Back to BASICS:

1. A welcoming & open gender-friendly environment for ALL volunteers
2. A DEFEDERALIZED Council with much better delegation & involvement for all
3. Sean Cusack will report on Council and Committee meetings in a TIMELY and transparent manner
4. Kelly Smolar will ensure that future nominations are representative of the FULL Cooper community


Personal Statement

The Cooper Union must return to a merit-based, full-tuition scholarship for all students.

This is possible, and it is necessary.

As President of The Cooper Union Alumni Association, I will set a productive, unyielding course towards the realization of this goal.

I pledge to actively and effectively seek the resources to make this possible, and will ask the same of you.

I will uphold and continue the proud legacy of the Cooper Union Alumni Association, which has served our community for over 100 years.

Fundamental to this is providing our members with enriching activities and events, and with new opportunities to advance in our careers and to serve others.

We must also work to build an alumni association that is representative of all alumni, diverse in age, background, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.

I will pursue an ongoing, respectful dialogue with every stakeholder, and will be an unshakeable advocate for the return to a sustainable, tuition-free Cooper Union.


Nils Folke Anderson (A’94) is a sculptor based in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been exhibited widely, including solo exhibitions at Philips de Pury, the Dikeou Collection, and the University of Georgia, Athens.

A longtime educator, Nils began teaching sculpture in the Saturday Program while studying at Cooper Union, and, shortly after graduating in 1994, founded a children’s art program in León, Nicaragua, which now serves 120 students annually in the city’s only four year art program. He went on to teach in many other programs and institutions, including Henry Street Settlement, Studio in a School, and Hunter College.

Nils helped conceive and lead the Free Since 1859 campaign, aimed at raising money for Cooper Union while sending a clear message of support for the policy of merit based, full tuition scholarships for all students. In just over one month the campaign raised $160,000, attracting the support of a significant number of first time donors.

Nils lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn, with his wife and two children.