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Campaign Statement

To change the current administration, its policies and excesses. I am for the current “tuition” as a stop gap measure only. However I feel this is not how the administration views the situation. I believe the current administration was hired to put a tuition policy in place. I also feel there is a negative bias towards the Art School and a desire to remove the School from the College. The Art School is being treated as the lesser of all the schools. If you remember a representative from the Art School was not represented on the search committee for the current president. I think the current administration should remember that the word “Art” is chiseled in stone on CU’s facade.


Mina Greenstein A’ 56 was a graphic designer and art director for children’s books based in New York. Books that she has worked on have been honored with AIGA Best Books and Bookbinders’ Guild of New York awards. She was given The Alumnus of the Year Award in 2011. Her service to the Cooper Union Alumni Association has included multiple terms on the Alumni Council and the Nominating Committee. She has volunteered at the Phonathon, the Augustus Saint-Gaudens Award Committee and is the Alumni Representative to the School of Art Administration Committee.