Barry Drogin EE’83

Running for: Council

Campaign Statement

I am devoted to alumni engagement – in person, online, virtually, and through social media – with each other, with the students, the faculty, and the staff. I want to revitalize the CUAA Events Committee as Cooper continues to implement the 10-year Plan to Return to Free.


Barry Drogin EE’83 (known on Facebook by his Jewish music pseudonym Baruch Skeer) is running for his second 3-year term as an Alumni Representative. He is Director of NDT&E at SUPERSTRUCTURES Engineers+Architects and has given lectures on NDT&E to the Tau Beta Pi NY Alumni Chapter and to a Cooper civil engineering class. He is the webmaster of the Cooper Union History Project (formed in part by the CUAA). He has been involved in the CUAA Street Fair and organized the annual visit to Green-Wood Cemetery to decorate Peter Cooper’s grave. In addition to serving on the CUAA Nominating Committee and Membership Committee, Barry has chaired the CUAA Constitution Committee and served several years on the CUAA Communications Committee. He was the elected engineering alumni representative on the Gural/Borkowsky Working Group and has given several presentations on the Cooper Union Financial Crisis. He is a 1983 class representative, helping to organize their 25th Reunion.