Eva Zuckerman A’05

Running for: Alumni Trustee

Campaign Statement

Attending Cooper Union was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. As a native New Yorker and aspiring artist, Cooper was my holy grail. Words can not describe the feeling of astonishment and pride I felt when I received my acceptance into the School of Art. I felt I could finally step into a place where I truly belonged, and am grateful for the discipline, conviction, and freedom it instilled in me. As someone once said to me, “Cooper kids are just built different.” And it was in this inspiring, creative environment that I stepped into myself and began to thrive.

There are so many gifts in my life that I can attribute to my experience at Cooper. I began to learn to apply my creativity and aesthetic across many mediums, and I know this gave me the confidence and fortitude to step out on my own at a young age and start my own business.

I also met the love of my life my first day of school at Cooper Union. My husband and I were close creative collaborators, best friends and built our careers side by side for 20 years. We married in 2019 and soon after embarked on our greatest collaboration to date: having our son, Leopard.

My husband Dimitri and I are both so passionate and grateful to Cooper Union for not only our incredible education, but for bringing us together. We continue to stay very involved in the school. I have returned as a visiting artist for critiques in foundation classes, attend the end of the year show annually, and it gives us great joy to consistently stay connected in any way we can. I care deeply about the community and I would be honored to contribute to Cooper Union by serving as a trustee.