Darrell Low EE’89

Running for: Nominating Committee

Campaign Statement

As a member of the current Nominating Committee, I am pleased to see the school’s positive momentum.  There is still much to do in the next year and beyond and wish to put my efforts into an institution that has helped me grow so much. I cannot be thankful enough to our school!

There are many alumni that have varied talents that could make a large impact to the CUAA and to our school with not a large time commitment. I would be happy to be a contact for anyone interested in helping the school to get back to what we all want.


Darrell has worked in the financial services industry for 33 years and is a Vice President in the Technology Division at Goldman, Sachs and Co.  Darrell has completed 11 years volunteering as Executive Vice President for the Community Advisory Board of the Gouverneur Health Care Center in the Lower East Side chairing the Ambulatory Care committee.  He served on the CU Alumni Council from 2008-2013 and from 2014-2020.  Darrell was co-chair of the Annual Fund from 2012-2014 and part of the Executive Committee of the CUAA from 2012-2014.  He is also a member of the Nominating Committee and serves on the CU on Wall Street Steering Committee.