Ron Vogel ChE’01

Running for: Treasurer and Nominating Committee

Campaign Statement: Treasurer

As the current CUAA Treasurer, I support the CUAA and its Committees so they operate as nimbly as possible.  Transparency and efficiency have been central so that the CUAA and the School can work best together in the coming years.  Over the last year, I have spearheaded the CUAA’s submission of an application for federal non-profit (i.e. 501(c)) status.  

As Treasurer (or an unelected alumnus), I will continue to seek input from inside and out of the CUAA to the serve the School in its Return to Free. 

Campaign Statement: Nominating Committee

I became involved in the CUAA during the School’s financial crisis and have served on Council, as chair of the Communications Committee, and most recently, as Treasurer.   During that time, I have witnessed how important strong leadership is to the CUAA and the School’s mission.  

I am honored to be among a list of worthy candidates for Nominating Committee; if elected, I will work to ensure that we field a diverse slate of candidates that support the CUAA’s and the School’s Return to Free.

Thank you to all who give their time and money in support of The Cooper Union.


Ron worked as a financial analyst on Wall Street early in his career, and then as chemist and engineer for several years before attending law school.

He now works as a life sciences patent lawyer, where he counsels clients faced with complex legal, financial, and scientific issues.  

Ron has a B.S. in Finance from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a B.E and M.E. in Chemical Engineering from the Cooper Union, and a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law.  He is also pursuing a Master’s degree in immunology (expected 2023).

He leverages all of the above in his role as the current CUAA Treasurer.

It would be a privilege to offer my years of professional experience and connections in the art world and in education to the CUAA council, and to give back to the institution that greatly influenced who and where I am today. I feel passionately about the mission and future of Cooper Union and it is truly an honor to have been nominated for this position.

During the critical period of the Cooper Union financial crisis I felt compelled to become involved with the school and was nominated to run for the Alumni Council. 

As a candidate for the Nominating Committee, I understand very well its duties to seek out and vet the best candidates for CUAA, especially the positions of President, Alumni Trustee and Officers.  If elected it will be a great privilege to serve again with other committee members.