Brian Rose A’79

Running for: VP Student/Faculty Liaison and Council

Campaign Statement

When I first was elected to the CUAA council, the Cooper community was in crisis, and the financial viability of the school was in doubt. I was a strong supporter of the lawsuit that resulted in the consent decree putting Cooper on a renewed course back to free tuition. Although we are in a much better place now under Laura Sparks’ leadership, the future depends on our continued vigilance and active alumni participation.


Born in Virgina, Brian Rose moved to New York in 1977 to attend Cooper Union. In 1980 he photographed the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and in 1985 he began photographing the landscape of the Iron Curtain border. After living in the Netherlands for 14 years, Rose returned to New York and has produced a trio of books about the city. His most recent book, “Atlantic City,” is a portrait of a city struggling in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s failed casinos. He is currently completing a book about the last days of the Confederate statues on Monument Avenue in Richmond. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with urban planner, Renee Schoonbeek, and his son, Brendan, is a journalism major at SUNY Purchase.