Daniel Galperin ChE’18

Running for: Council and Nominating Committee

Campaign Statement

As a student, I was a proud co-editor of The Pioneer, an Administrative Chairperson of the Engineering Student Council, and a persistent advocate for students. As an alumnus, I’ve helped to hire Cooper students and constantly look for ways to bring my industry learnings back to students in the form of talks and seminars. I live and breathe Cooper and I carry the mission and vision with me in spirit everywhere I go. I’m diligent and swift, which should make me an excellent addition to the CUAA.


Admitted to the first class of tuition paying students, I graduated Chemical Engineering in 2018. I currently work at Watts Water Technologies where I develop technologies for commercial and residential premise plumbing, with a focus in hydronic heating and potable water heating systems. I intend to pursue a PhD in Fall 2022 with the long term goal of teaching at various levels, including the college level where I hope to have a chance to teach at The Cooper Union. Aside from Engineering Student Council, (ESC) and The Pioneer, I was also an avid member of the Cooper Dramatic Society during my time as an undergraduate.