Sanjeev Menon Eng’20

Running for: Nominating Committee

Sanjeev Menon Rectangle

Campaign Statement

As a recent graduate of The Cooper Union, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate with the CUAA through the Nominating Committee. In this role, I look forward to multiple opportunities to connect with alumni, as well as strengthen and nurture existing relationships. In my time at Cooper, I was involved in our community by participating as a voting member on the Faculty Student Senate, voting member on the Engineering Student Council, member of the institution-wide Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and President of the South Asian Society. These opportunities have provided me with an ability to network with a wide-variety of stakeholders and gain an understanding for the pulse of the institution at various times.  


Hailing from Singapore, Sanjeev began studying at Cooper Union in 2016 because he knew that this was the best place for an ardent lover of civil engineering (I-beams) and musical theater! In his time at Cooper, he participated in a variety of clubs and the Engineering Student Council. Currently, he works as Assistant Director of Admissions for the School of Engineering.  He is driven by Peter Cooper’s vision and counts his blessings to be able to bring his passion for The Cooper Union to work every day.