Running For: Alumni Council

Jennifer Collins A’93

Campaign Statement

I’m passionate about Cooper Union and I am honored to be nominated for the Alumni Council. I want to help boost our promotions and make our alumni network even stronger, inspired by our alumni and administration who’ve been pushing for a free-tuition future. I have huge respect for the hard work the Alumni Council and Board of Trustees have been doing together. My goal? To help make the Cooper Union community even more engaging and positive, reminding us all why we’re proud to be Cooper grads.


Jen Collins merges creativity with strategic prowess as a brand director whose career spans the vibrant intersection of advertising, strategy, photography, social media, and digital marketing. As a co-founder and advisor of multiple ventures, her work reflects a commitment to innovation and strategic growth in both the creative and entrepreneurial spheres.

Known for her strategic mind, Jen has a knack for transforming visions into reality, whether it’s orchestrating shoots on exotic beaches or collaborating with Fortune 500 companies like Macy’s Inc and Amazon. Her marketing approach is grounded in the belief that effective storytelling and a playful spirit are essential to engaging audiences and driving success.

At the heart of Jen’s philosophy is the idea that true talent is cultivated through diverse experiences, not inherited. This belief informs her work, emphasizing the importance of strategy, collaboration, and a continual pursuit of innovation. Jen’s ability to blend strategic thinking with creative execution makes her a unique force in the world of brand development and marketing strategy.